Case studies


How Loop, a fast-growing D2C e-commerce company, found the perfect freelancer fit.


Find a Digital Campaign Manager that has experience with their tools, fits their needed skillset and is a great culture fit.


Within 2 weeks, a great freelancer was onboarded who had the right company culture fit and the required set of skills.

Tris Lambrecht

Growth Director Loop

30+small and big companies work with HelloMaaS

How felyx, a front runner company in the field of shared e-mopeds, boosts their multilingual copywriting capabilities with a HelloMaaS Flex Team.

Global Head of Marketing

Build a flexible team of great copywriters in French, German, English and Dutch.


Our Flex Team proposition was a perfect fit. Within two weeks, we onboarded three great copywriters that operate remotely and work part-time for felyx. Results: short copy for social media, support for the out-of-home campaign in Germany, doing multiple translations, and writing local copy from scratch.

How Orikami, a Dutch MedTech startup, built the foundation for their future marketing decisions.

Chief Business Officer Orikami

Orikami reached out to HelloMaaS if we can provide a fresh pair of eyes to benchmark their marketing activity and highlight recommendations to improve their marketing strategy. Given the specialist field they are in, industry knowledge was required.


Our Strategy Audit package was the perfect fit for their needs. Because of the fixed-price and scope, Orikami knew exactly which output was going to be delivered. Our platform vetting process found the freelancer with the right skills set, background and experience for the project.

How Streamix, an early stage startup, got a lead generation campaign to validate a new client segment.

Head of Marketing / Streamix

Streamix was in need of a lean marketing project to validate their proposition with a target prospect segment in the Netherlands.


HelloMaaS offered a strategic review of their customer journey. Including a new landing page, two e-mail campaigns and introduction to prospects.

How Itoh Denki, a manufacturing industry leader, generated high-quality leads through an online showcase

Stuart Allen / Itoh Denki

Due to Covid-19, trade shows and industry exhibitions were cancelled, so an important B2B touchpoint was no longer available.


With HelloMaaS a 2-day webinar series was launched to showcase new products to a targeted live audience. HelloMaaS assembled a top-tier marketing team with industry experience to get the job done.

How HearstLab, a top-tier early-stage investor, got a showcase video and social media content to build awareness.

Head of Marketing / HearstLab

Just before Covid19 hit New York HearstLab organized a showcase event for startup founders documenting the event on video.


This project turned 5 terabytes of video content into a 2-minute promotional video with many social media edits.

How FleGo, a B2B healthcare platform, got a strong marketing foundation in 3 months

Mathijs Lansink / FleGo

A fast-growing startup needed a strong brand and clear path for lead generation.


Our startup package was a perfect fit. In 3 months – 4 top marketers delivered FleGo’s marketing foundation. A Flex Team was created with: a highly experienced brand strategist, a growth marketer, a paid media specialist and a content marketer.

How Proposo, a digital consulting service, launched a new website in 1 week time.

Dennis Feiken / proposo

Their website wasn’t live yet and there was urgency.


What is faster than placing your briefing directly into a community of 250+ skilled marketers? Within three days, we had the right expert on board to help out.


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