How FleGo, a B2B healthcare platform, got a strong marketing foundation in 3 months

FleGo is a B2B healthcare platform shaking up the healthcare system. They're building a platform for the future work force in healthcare.

Mathijs Lansink

Managing Director


A fast-growing startup needed a strong brand and clear path for lead generation.


Our startup package was a perfect fit. In 3 months – 4 top marketers delivered FleGo’s marketing foundation. HelloMaaS created a flex team: a highly experienced brand strategist, a growth marketer, a paid media specialist and a content marketer to work in an agile way.

  • Strategy audit sharpened their value proposition
  • Distinctive messaging to stand out turned into e-book
  • Content calendar and LinkedIn campaigns set-up
  • Google Analytics and datastudio set-up for CRO
Great quality. Top marketing.

"Through HelloMaaS, we had quick access to an interdisciplinary team of marketing experts. Much quicker than a recruiter, agency or arranging it myself. Within a short time, a team was assembled and a kick-off was organised. We are very satisfied with the work done by the team. We are moving forward with a solid marketing base!"

Mathijs Lansink

Managing Director


Meet the team who acomplished this project

How client, marketing experts and HelloMaaS work together

  • Step

    Kick-off and onboarding the team, 1:1 product walk throughs and scheduling weekly sprint meetings.

  • Step

    Analysis of marketing channels and brand. Including in-depth interviews with clients and lost clients, developing personas & audience segmentation.

  • Step
    Building the website

    Building the website framework in sprints. Writing new website copy and creating a content calendar based on strategy learnings.

  • Step
    Produce e-book

    Produce an e-book including copy and visuals. Create a marketing funnel and optimise conversion on new website. Map touch points and create action plan for improvements.

  • Step
    Social Media

    Set up LinkedIn campaigns and Google Dashboard. Launch first blog and social posts.



Marketing foundation completed


Perfect freelancer matches

Match made on skills, experience and personality


Once-off project

Squad team of complementary marketing and digital skills

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