How Orikami, a Dutch MedTech startup, built the foundation for their future marketing decisions.

Orikami is a company with great aspirations. They want to improve the lives of 100 million people before 2023 by giving them access to personalised healthcare. But how is the world supposed to know they are out there? Like many startups, Orikami’s focus is not on marketing efforts. Besides, finding senior marketing talent that fit a modest startup budget, is hard.

Bert Seegers

Chief Business Officer


Orikami reached out to HelloMaaS if we can provide a fresh pair of eyes to benchmark their marketing activity and highlight recommendations to improve their marketing strategy. Given the specialist field they are in, industry knowledge was required.


Our Strategy Audit package was the perfect fit for their needs. Because of the fixed-price and scope, Orikami knew exactly which output was going to be delivered. Our platform vetting process found the freelancer with the right skills set, background and experience for the project.

  • Lean and mean marketing strategy
  • Strategist experienced in the Medtech industry
Clear deliverables from the package

"Via HelloMaaS we found the right freelancer through a fast process. The package gave us clear deliverables and turned out to be very efficient. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work."

Bert Seegers

Chief Business Officer
at Orikami


Meet the freelancer who delivered the package


How client, marketing expert and HelloMaaS work together

  • Step
    First meeting

    Scoping session with HelloMaaS to select the right audit package and define project goals.

  • Step
    Freelancer sourcing

    Select marketing strategist with work experience in the MedTech/Pharma industry, and strategy experience.

  • Step
    Get to work!

    Review of current marketing channels and social media. Create a list of low hanging fruit to implement directly.

  • Step
    Strategy audit

    Sharpen marketing goals to prioritize right channels and activities. Analyse SWOT and competitors. Define brand architecture. Define product – solution fit and value proposition per stakeholder

  • Step

    One finetuning round based on HelloMaaS quality review.

  • Step
    Final presentation

    Present to the client including high-level marketing strategy plan for next phase activation.



Strategy audit done



Perfect freelancer match experienced in Medtech and Pharma



Client satisfied with work delivered

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