Frequent Questions from Freelancers

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HelloMaaS is open to freelancers with marketing skills. Particularly skills in digital marketing, event management, brand strategy, performance and growth are in demand. At this moment, we only operate in the Netherlands and focus on adding freelancers living in the Netherlands or Dutch speaking freelancers working remotely.

You can futureproof your freelance marketing career in a few ways:

  1. Get connected to new clients directly. No more need for client acquisition. 
  2. Get matched based on your ideas, not just your skills. Review the list of projects and respond with ideas. You can message clients directly and find project in new areas to grow your skills.
  3. Offer a fixed price marketing package. Create a more independent way of working. You can offer packages as a one-off solution (for instance, implement a tool or set up a channel) or ongoing (for instance, content production, community management, analytics, and insights) service.
  4. Advise companies based on deep and proven marketing expertise. From just a few hours to a full day. Based on value pricing, so a nice way to make more money. 
Every marketing professional with at least several years of professional experience and a proven track record can sign up. We review each profile for accuracy, quality and completeness as part of your onboarding process. In some cases we might involve our partners in the marketing and media recruitment business. We will shortly include references from former clients to make sure we grow a quality group of talent on the platform at scale.
  1. Go to join
  2. Fill out your profile
  3. Get approved


Joining HelloMaaS is FREE.

We add a matchmaking fee once a client retains your services. It depends on the client and your membership what the exact platform fee will be.

It’s more cost effective to sign up for a paid membership when you want to sell more than one package per month or freelance more than 15 hours a week for clients via our platform.
We’re totally transparent on our fees and you can find more details here.

We personally review every new freelancer and advisor profile to make sure we have top-tier marketers on our platform.

We provide both the client, freelancer and advisor with a quality checklist before you start working together so everyone is aware of the best way to work together. 

During the project, we offer to use our temperature check-in tool for clients and freelancers. We will share the results with the team once everyone fills it out. We leave it to the team to discuss and take actions for improvement but we can provide recommendations if needed.

Please do! All freelancers in the Netherlands or Dutch ones living abroad can apply today. Send them this link: join. We’ll be rolling out a member-gets-member program shortly. Good karma 🙂


Dutch marketing freelancers with top-tier marketing skills

In-house marketers, from scale-ups to corporates

Thought leaders in marketing with proven consulting experience

You need to have proven professional experience as a marketer and be able to provide useful, critical and or practical advice on strategy, campaigns, channels or tools.

We will review each new advisor profile submitted on our platform. The review will include a phone interview to make sure we understand your strengths, consulting capabilities and preferred way of working. Once you hit all marks you will be added to our platform.

One requirement is that you are available for at least 4 hours per month. The client engagement can be done via video conference or phone call, depending on the need of the client. You can temporarily opt out when you are on vacation or very busy on other projects.

Yes, you can.

Many marketers at large companies have strategic expertise and years of marketing experience in specific channels. Your peers could benefit to learn about it. For instance, how did you set up a marketing automation campaign across 5 countries? How do you work with influencers? How do you implement agile marketing in a corporate setting?

No more reinventing the wheel or making expensive mistakes. Talk to a trusted advisor that has done it before.

As an advisor, you will build a reputation outside your company, which will also benefit you in your regular job. Just make sure to check your employment contract that you are allowed to take on side activities.


First, you need to create a profile and get approved. Once you sign onto the HelloMaaS platform, you’ll get access to your dashboard.
Go to the navigation on the left and click on package to create your first one.
Just fill out the template, list your price and publish your package.
Your package will be added to our search and you can receive messages or requests from clients directly.
We will review your package for quality and might provide you with recommendations to improve it. 

You decide your own price. We recommend you to think about the value and service you provide to the company or agency and price accordingly. If you would like to get a second opinion, feel free to message us through our chat in the right hand corner.

We add a matchmaking fee of 20% on top of your list price. This allows us to promote your package as well as to offer you payment, contracting and review services. 
If the client buying the package has a paid subscription that fee will come down. For STANDARD members that fee will be 15% and for PLUS members 10%.


We have learned that many freelancers like to grow new skills and get into other industries.

When you respond to a project you can share ideas and get in touch with companies directly. Your response is more about your ideas and motivation than your experience. It allows you to connect in an open way to new opportunities.

If it’s a click, you can start a project in a new area and grow your freelance career in a different direction.

Think human creativity meets new opportunities!

First, you need to create a profile and get approved. Once you sign into the platform you’ll get access to your dashboard. Go to the left-hand side and click on projects. You will find a list of projects to respond to by using the messaging tool. Once the client responds, we recommend you to set up a (video) call to iron out the details. The client will send you a contract for sign-off and after your approval, you can start to work on the project.

Like most people in marketing, we’re not fond of the pitch process. It’s long and often full of promises that are hard to meet. Responding to a project shouldn’t be long or complicated. It’s about sharing suggestions and ideas for new channels, strategies or approaches. It’s more like a dating app where you message to get to know each other so you can see if there is potential.


You can see us as a new agency model built for the 21st century. We’re a platform and marketplace to optimize marketing planning, staffing and knowledge sharing. It’s a new way of working, with a rapid time reduction in finding talent or clients, so we all have more time to focus on results. The HelloMaaS platform will provide matchmaking, messaging, payments, planning tools and teams on demand.
The HelloMaaS team, our partners, and advisors have worked for many years in marketing. We have worked at agencies, global brands, startups, management consulting firms and as freelancers and advisors.
We see how our marketing industry is changing and how it needs a smarter and better way of working. So we decided to build it ourselves.
We have a core team of nine people (March 2019) to build and grow our platform. A group of trusted freelancers with top skills in data, design, and content helps us as a flexible layer. Learn more about our team here.
We’re very proud of our team of advisors. They are accomplished marketing executives in the Netherlands and in the United States that either lead big businesses or successfully grew technology startups. 
Our partners in the Netherlands provide us direct access to clients and top-tier freelancers and we’re very happy to have them on board. See more about them here.

Please check our current job listings on or reach out via our chat with your ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are active in the Netherlands right now.
For 2020, we plan to move into the New York area and major European countries.
If you would like to bring HelloMaaS to your country, please contact us at


You can sign up for FREE with a Bronze membership and see if HelloMaaS works for you.
We add a flat matchmaking fee for freelance work at an hourly rate.
For Packages and Advisors, we add a 10-20% matchmaking fee.
Once you start using HelloMaaS frequently it will be smarter and probably cheaper to sign up for a paid subscription. The matchmaking fees per freelance hours will be lower and you have access to more services.
The overall costs for marketing services on HelloMaaS are very competitive. In most cases, our platform is cheaper than working through a marketing agency or a recruiter. We aim to be very transparent about our fee structure. See more on pricing here.