Frequent Asked Questions from Freelancers

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HelloMaaS services

HelloMaaS is a platform-based, new way of working to make marketing more accessible, flexible and productive for both clients and freelancers. We have taken the best of the agency model and generic freelancer platforms and make it 100% specific for marketing. We’ve talked to 100+ freelancers understanding their needs and concerns and would like to offer an experience that allows for more ways to build a real career. We offer a way to get more feedback via our Project Happiness Tool. Our packages allow for a highly scalable way to demonstrate your expertise and bring back the FREE in freelancing.

As a Marketing Specialist, HelloMaaS offers a one stop shop for a freelance career. You can work with our platform on/off, ad-hoc or build a full portfolio as a specialist selling packages. If you like to work with larger companies as a freelancer we will post projects and you can apply. You can monetize your experience and bring back the FREE in freelancing delivering fixed price packages. Work when, for when and how you want and build a real reputation that will turn your freelance way of working into a sustainable career.

A marketing package is a structured way of working including the Why, What and How of a specific marketing activity. With a package, we have defined the way of working, deliverables and even add a template and example to make it clear to both the client and freelancer what is included in the package. Because of this structured approach, we are able to offer these packages at a fixed price and with the option to deliver it remotely so you can focus on delivering great marketing results.

We started in January 2020 with 10 packages and will add up to 50 packages in the next months. We do this on a demand-driven way based on client needs and inquiries.

We no longer offer an opportunity to create your own packages as a freelancer. Clients gave us feedback that it’s hard to navigate 50 packages without a structured description, process and pricing consistency. That’s why we made a change in our product strategy and moved to structured packages. Freelancers that created their own packages will be mapped to the new structured packages.

For packages, we have a fixed price that is calculated based on skill set and seniority level required and then benchmarked to market rates. Since you can focus on doing the work rather than the more uncertain customer acquisition and planning stage there will be a higher earning potential, particularly overtime when you have delivered a certain package a few times and get more skilled and effective in your work.

Sourcing and screening

Our current clients range from small businesses to growth startups to Fortune 500. Our focus is on the Dutch market and recently we started to work remotely with clients in the USA. Our clients are looking for experienced and high-quality marketing specialists. Projects can range from a one-time deliverable via packages you can deliver remote to ongoing monthly engagement with clients that prefer to work in person.

Every marketing freelance professional with at least 5 years of professional experience and a proven track record can sign up. We review each profile for accuracy, quality and completeness as part of your onboarding process. In some cases we might involve our partners in the marketing and media recruitment business. We will ask you to include references from former clients to check your credibility. This process is necessary to make sure we grow a quality group of Dutch talent on the platform at scale.

HelloMaaS is open to freelancers with marketing skills. Particularly skills in digital marketing, lead generation, social media and marketing strategy are in demand. At this moment, we focus on working with freelancers that have experience working in the Netherlands who understand the culture and competitive set

Please do! All Dutch freelancers with marketing skills living in the Netherlands or abroad, which match our criteria can apply today. Send them this link to join. We’ll be rolling out a member-gets-member program shortly. Good karma 🙂

HelloMaaS will review the Freelance Marketing Specialists profile after you completed your profile. We will do an online search and check your LinkedIn profile to inquire with 2nd-degree connections about their strong skills and way of working. By doing so we can determine seniority level, credibility and a skill fit with HelloMaaS projects and client needs. After this check the Specialist is granted access to the HelloMaaS platform or in case of doubt we will reach out to ask more questions to determine if our platform is a good fit.

References are not required when you create your profile, They may be requested when needed for matching with specific projects


Account / Profile

Congrats! Next, whenever relevant opportunities come up that match your skillset you can apply via the platform or we will reach out to you. We’ll reach out and give you the opportunity to fill out a tailored application/proposal that we present directly to the client.

Updating your profile is easy. Log in to the HelloMaaS platform. In the right corner of navigation bar click on “Profile”. Once this page is opened you can make the necessary changes to your profile.

We advice you to complete your profile and make it as personal as you can! This will increase your changes of getting hired by our clients. In addition, It is only possible to apply for a project after your entire profile is completed.

Everyone who joined the HelloMaaS platform can see your general profile information. If you applied for a project the client can see all your details.

It is currently not possible to delete your profile yourself. Drop us a message in our chat and a HelloMaaS Customer Success person will remove your profile from the platform and if desired delete your profile from our CMS system. Please note that we have to adhere to Dutch standards for regulatory and compliance reasons.

Log in and add a new password. We recommend you to use an unique password as a best security practice.

We don’t know, but we’re happy to help. Please reach out with a description and details how you try to login (mobile/desktop) via our chat and we’ll reach out as soon as we can.

HelloMaaS doesn’t share any of your data publicly. We only share your information with clients when you apply for a specific project.


When you’ve found a project you would like to collaborate: Click on the “I’m interested” button and complete the following requested information. This will inform the client to decide on the next step.

Once there is a match with a client or you are selected to deliver a package our customer success team will set up seamless contracting, hour registration and payment flow. You don’t need to create your own proposals, invoices or keep hours in a timesheet. We deliver a turn solution so you can focus more on delivering great marketing results.

Before the matching and contract is closed we ask you kindly to reach out to the customer success team of HelloMaaS. If you would like to discuss a project or package with a Client. Our team can make the arrangements.

Sometimes it can take some time for clients to respond to all applications for a project for a variety of reasons from too many applications or other internal challenges. If you feel you are waiting for too long, please reach out to our team and we can follow up directly with the client on your behalf.

This is currently not possible within the platform directly. Please reach out to our Customer Success at the Chatbox if you would like to cancel your application.

When the client confirms their decision, you will receive an email from HelloMaaS with all of the details and the project.

You can but only after we had an opportunity to discuss the reason. We would like to understand why and help you to solve problems or find a replacement.

Yes, we will reach out to people with great profiles, experience and skill sets that match the client needs. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and attractive, so it’s easier to match you. Don’t hesitate to reach out via our chat to ask more questions or to let us know you are in the market to deliver a package or work on a project.



As a Freelance Marketing Specialist you will not be charged for any fee.

See our payment structure for two types of HelloMaaS services below:

1. First on are marketing packages delivered by Freelance Marketing Specialists. Clients pay a fixed price of which 80% for the specialist who delivers the service, 20% is for HelloMaaS platform, services and quality assurance.

2. Second are specialists or marketing team on-demand at a hourly or day rate. This is a more flexible way of working where client can scale up and down via the platform. Clients get billed every two weeks of which 15% is for the HelloMaaS platform and service and 85% for the specialist who delivers the service. If a client spends more than 10.000 euro in billings the 15% HelloMaaS fee will be reduced to 10% (or in other words a 5% discount for loyal clients)”.

Being part of our HelloMaaS platform is free!

Once you’re ready to start your package or project our customer success team will create a contract that both you and the client will sign. The client is asked to provide payment details via credit card or iDeal.Working via a fixed price package you will get paid after the client signed off at a deliverable. In most cases that could be in a matter of weeks rather than once a month.

When working on longer terms for a clients on a day or hourly rate, you will register your hours and the platform will populate the invoice at the end of month.

For packages you will get paid right after the delivery of the first phase is done and checked by the client. For projects we invoice at the end of the month and keep a 15 day payment term with most clients. Some corporate clients only work on their payment terms which can be longer. In all cases we make it explicit at the start of the project so you can plan accordingly. Once HelloMaaS receives the payment you will be paid directly.