HelloMasters Podcast Episode 22 – Gaat meer dan skin-deep met drie disruptors in de beauty industry

HelloMasters Episode 22

Aan wat geven vrouwen meer geld uit dan mannen aan bier? Beauty! De mode industrie is altijd nog 5 x groter, maar de fans van beauty merken zijn trouwer. Van mascara, gezichtsrollers tot parfum, de wereldwijde markt in beauty is maar liefst €500 miljard groot. In onze 22ste HelloMasters podcast, nog net in de studio opgenomen voor ons hele land op slot ging, spreken we met drie ondernemers in de beauty industrie over marketing, e-commerce en innovatie.

Esther Leloux is founder en CEO van het éérste social beauty netwerk. Met een achtergrond in psychologie en reclame wilde ze altijd al ondernemen. We Are Eves is het platform waar “eves” oprechte recensies van beauty producten delen. Leuk feitje: HelloMaaS kent We Are Eves goed; wij zijn buren in HearstLab Nederland. 

Josephine Kay is hoofdredacteur van Cosmopolitan Magazine Nederland. Zij is eindbaas van het tijdschrift en online platform met maar liefst 2,7 miljoen maandelijkse bezoekers. Vanessa van Leusden is  director marketing & digital Europa bij Paula’s Choice Skincare. Ooit opgezet door een echt Paula, die als onderzoeksjournalist benieuwd was wat ze elke dag op haar gezicht smeerde en zo een mooie kans in de skincare markt zag.  


In een vol uur praten we over misvattingen omtrent beauty, veranderd gedrag in de markt, natuurlijk over Instagram influencers, reviews en ratings en hoe je een goed beauty merk bouwt. Tune in voor de Beauty special van HelloMasters.

Diary of a Customer Success Manager

How will I survive this time, keep my job, don’t divorce and keep my mental health?

WFH? Now I have to WFH! With two young daughters and a husband with a busy job. Mid-March we started to WFH at HelloMaaS, not totally new, but as a Brazilian woman and Customer Success Manager, I love to be around my co-workers and invite HelloMaaS freelancers to our office in Amsterdam. My job changed a lot……..but not all bad.

No doubt that I am missing the social contact and personal connection, as for those who know me, the best things for me about work is small talk, sharing food and banter. I really enjoy coming into the office and bringing a piece of a homemade “bolo de cenoura”, talk and laugh with each other or even share some “brigadeiros” treats.

As in my case, I know that most people are now quarantined in their homes. Some live alone, others in a house with little space and hyperactive kids. I’m a proud mother of two active 3 & 6 years old girls. Last week they decided to copy a YouTube movie “on how to have more fun with the trampoline in our backyard”. I was on a team call when one of them parachuted way too high in the air, not funny.

I work in an early-stage startup, so speed and output are important. But I also need to help my kids with the homework from school, take care of the house, cook, clean and still make time for myself and try to have some fun. How I will survive this time, keep my job, don’t divorce and keep sane?

On top of juggling many roles at the same time, we all feel anxious about our health and the economy. It’s definitely not business as usual so it’s key for employers and employees to be mindful of how fear may impact productivity.

As a typical Latina mama, what is helping me during this time of WFH is the “Dutch daily schema”, an important family tool to structure and divide tasks and maintain the routine within the kids and husband too. Together, we used our kids play board and wrote a list of what we will do for the whole day including some drawing from our girls. Such activity can cover part of the day, but sometimes, the only thing that remains is a bit of breathing, screaming and believing in unicorns!

Our HelloMaaS team was already set up to WFH with our development team fully remote. We are just spending a bit more time for check-ins. Every morning and at the end of the day, everyone shares what they work on, wins and challenges. Also personal ones. In the end, we’re not machines, we have challenges and have to be in a safe space to share our worries.

But we also need a bit of fun. What’s cooler than team drinks? Okay, in front of our computers it is less fun than in person, but we make the most of it. To our surprise, Louise, our CEO, got us a bottle of sparkling wine with a personal note delivered at home. Adrian, our CPO, is a game master and set us up to play online Pictionary, which was a fun 90-minute “vrijmibo” (Dutch for Friday drinks).

It was so cool to see my colleagues joining the fun from the comfy of their living room couch, some from their garden, others sitting in the attic and me, in the middle of dolls and toys.

Try with your team too! In the end, what everyone wants is to keep the teamwork alive during this crazy time and social distancing.

By Naiá – Customer Success Manager at HelloMaaS

HelloMasters at Home Episode 03 – Georgia Collins, Global Marketing Communications Akzo Nobel

HelloMasters at Home Episode 03

Our third-week WFH, are you able to keep your zen? Or you’re ready to have more face to face time with your colleagues than your children?

This week we go global with Georgia Collins, who leads Global Marketing Communications at Akzo Nobel’s BU Automotive and Speciality Coatings. Working remotely is not new for Georgia and her team that operates truly globally with team members living in Brazil, England, Singapore, and Uganda to name a few countries. So what has changed for Akzo Nobel’s marketing team?

Louise talked to Georgia on how the crisis boosts digital transformation within Akzo Nobel. What she does to keep the culture alive. And how her team across many countries deal with the Corona impact in waves and not at the same time.

HelloMasters at Home Episode 02 – Jeremy Brook, CMO Deliveroo Australia

HelloMasters at Home Episode 02

Welcome to our second HelloMasters at Home vlog! HelloMasters is our podcast, and now temporary vlog!, where founder Louise Doorn, talks to current and future leaders about marketing, innovation, and teams.

After almost two weeks of working from home, we have gradually mastered the stand-ups, brainstorming sessions and team quarantine drinks. All restaurants are closed, but don’t worry! You can still order your lunch Poké Bowl at Deliveroo.

This week at HelloMasters at Home with CMO Deliveroo Australia, Jeremy Brook. Join us for a peek behind the curtains.

How does Deliveroo marketing work during this pandemic? We catching up on the situation in Australia and learn how Jeremy draws inspiration from Asian countries who are slowly emerging from the Covid-19 crisis. He shares tips to put more fun in your morning team stand-up and a crucial character trait needed today: vulnerability, especially when you are a Chief Marketing Officer.

Happy virtual lunchtime everyone!

Tiger your way through the Marketing Jungle

Marketing is changing at the speed of light. With over 50+ channels and 5000+ marketing tools, many business owners feel overwhelmed with ever-changing algorithms, fast-developing channels, weekly trends, and shiny objects. From pirate funnels to PR events, influencer marketing is now a $1.7 billion industry, marketers’ adoption of AI has grown at a rate of 44% since 2017.  People have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish.  So your content needs to be highly engaging. 

As if those are not challenges enough: how do you find marketing know-how and execution power that delivers and is not breaking your bank account?  Marketing is a jungle, it is time to tiger our way through it! 

Start with Smart Marketing: up to 70% faster

We talked to many SMB entrepreneurs and learned they could benefit a lot more from all the marketing channels and tools.  They just don’t have the time and knowledge to dive deep and often also not the budget to work with an agency or pay for freelancers on an hourly rate. They don’t like to spend time and budget on planning and meetings. They need action, results and budget control. 

Use the HelloMaaS machete and hack your way through the marketing jungle 

At HelloMaaS, Marketing as a Service, we offer a new way to organize your marketing. Frankly, we hope to deliver a new way of working in marketing. We are marketers and took the insights from interviews with SMB entrepreneurs, did extensive market research including keyword analysis. Based on this we have now launched turn-key and fixed price packages on 50 most search marketing topics. 

No more lengthy project plans. Each package includes a step by step approach, templates, and handpicked specialists. From E-Mail Marketing, CRO, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Plan, CRM Audit, A/B testing to Facebook Ads, see the full list here

With HelloMaaS marketing packages you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Create your flexible team of local specialists and work together when you need them. See it as the AirBnB for marketing, choose what you need in your marketing journey. Get local know-how. Work of real reputation through reviews, rating and our Project Happiness Index. We are on our way to building a one to shop for SMB’s so they can win with marketing. The next-gen in the gig economy. 

This is how we hack the onboarding process so companies can be started in a matter of days rather than weeks:  

Work on your Team Happiness

For projects longer than 2 months we recommend our Project Happiness Index. This shows the project satisfaction of all team members; you as a client, your own team members, and your freelancers can all participate. Every two weeks everyone submits their happiness on speed, output, and collaboration with a score from 1-10. Then we shared the collective team score so you understand your happiness vs. that of the entire team. Feedback becomes more approachable and you will detect challenges directly so you can discuss and make sure the project stays on track. More happiness can be found here.

What clients say about us

“I am a true entrepreneur and in this digital age, I need a smart marketing partner. HelloMaas fits perfectly. A must for entrepreneurs!“ – Marcel from Samlex

Start today by choosing the right packages for your marketing journey via our website. Say Hello to Marketing as a Service. We are marketers ourselves and love to brainstorm your challenges away. Request a free consultation via https://hellomaas.com/contact-us/  or call us at +31 630647057 



  1. Mediakix, Influencer marketing: https://mediakix.com/blog/instagram-influencer-marketing-industry-size-how-big/ 
  2. Salesforce, State of Marketing: https://c1.sfdcstatic.com/content/dam/web/en_us/www/assets/pdf/datasheets/salesforce-research-fifth-edition-state-of-marketing.pdf 
  3. Time, You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfish:  https://time.com/3858309/attention-spans-goldfish/ 


HelloMasters Podcast Episode 20 – on Blue Monday about sun, sea and all-inclusive with CMO Frans Leenaars from TUI West-Europe.

HelloMaster Episode 20

TUI owns 18 cruise ships and 411 hotels to provide a great vacation for their guests. With 150 TUI planes, they are number 7 in the list of European airlines. Fun fact: TUI is even bigger than Alitalia! From formula 1 to marathon travels, a big five safari tour through South-Africa, or how our podcast host Louise prefers, flying non stop to Zanzibar. Starting in 1967 from Germany, today you can book your travels without worries in a large number of European countries. Formerly known as Arke a Holland International, TUI is everywhere known as TUI. This multinational is a leader in marketing innovations and well on its way in digital transformation.

Fun fact

Spain, Turkey, and Greece are still the most favorite destinations for Dutch leisure travelers.

In our 20th HelloMasters- podcast, we have the pleasure to talk to Frans Leenaars, CMO TUI Western Europe. Frans has lived in 10 countries throughout Europe, South-America, and North-America and now is back in the Netherlands. Previously, he held commercial roles at KLM and Disney. At marketing-driven companies, he worked in sales and now at TUI it’s the other way round.


“In marketing, you are working tomorrow. You go deep into what clients actually want. It’s a fast-moving space that innovates rapidly.” On the most depressing Monday of the year, Blue Monday, we talk how retail still grows at TUI, Frans starts its day with Google analytics, the French taught him patience, influencer marketing is a successful tactic and flying shame is a real thing. Frans manages a team of 800 people, so we dive into this management style and culture antics.

If you also like to grow your marketing team but don’t have the scope or budget to operate on the same scale as Frans? Check out hellomaas.com and start building your marketing team on demand. Feel free to contact us via the chat function in the bottom right and start with Marketing as a Service!

Through the microphone of HelloMasters Podcast

We started a HelloMaaS podcast in early 2019: HelloMasters. Almost every 2 weeks movers and shakers in marketing, innovation, and startups joined me in the VondelCS studio in Amsterdam. Six CMO’s, seven CEO’s and other marketing and business folks shared their insights, learnings, and challenges on how to survive and thrive in a world of relentless change.

Podcasts are a fast-growing marketing tool. 26% of people are monthly podcast listeners, ad revenue from podcasts in 2018 went up to 600 million, and Spotify bought Gimlet (a podcast company) for $200 million. Podcasts are not just another channel anymore, they are gaining mass-market growth.

Producing a podcast involves a lot of small steps, our podcast Trello card counts 16 steps! Once you get the hang of it, it’s about 8 hours of three people on our team. So why all this effort?

We believe it’s important to share the real stories on how marketing organizations, team, strategy, and innovation. Luckily, we have a great network of CMO’s and marketing innovators at HelloMaaS, via our members, our team, investors and advisors. Talking to marketing leaders from well known and highly regarded companies allows us an early stage start-up to do branding by association. In addition, the partnership with Marketingfacts allows us to extra distribution into their network.

Thanks, Karin (Thybaut) en Jeroen (Mirck) for your smooth and fun collaboration. It’s awesome to have made the Marketingfacts TOP 10 blogger list of 2019 for our HelloMaster write-ups.

HelloMasters 2019 in a nutshell:

  1. 4 co-hosts (thanks Jeroen, Jeremy, Ellen en Danne)
  2. 19 episodes
  3. 24 guests in total
  4. 4 guests on 1 episode
  5. 52 times the word marketing jungle
  6. 154 marketing tips
  7. 828 minutes of information
  8. Over 3.500 downloads
  9. Over 90.000 reads on Marketingfacts.nl

Our top 5 Podcast Episodes:

We’ll start in January 2020 with fresh HelloMasters recordings with the CMO of TUI and Head of Marketing at FrieslandCampina. Happy to get your questions for them mentioned, please leave them in the message box below.

For our next HelloMasters, we’d love to invite marketers in finance, politics, charities and automotive and hospitality? Thalia, our content marketer, is interested in the marketing behind political parties. Do you know great guests? Please email thalia@hellomaas.com who is producing HelloMasters.

Below a few of our favorite guest quotes:

“Marketing was separated from sales, operations, etcetera. At VanMoof, it’s all the same thing. I think everything is marketing. Marketing touches every part of the company.” – Dave Shoemack CMO VanMoof

“If you were exclusively data led you’d just be making porn and dog videos.” – Steph Morrow, Head of Strategy Virtue

Myth: College dropout & Startup founders are best when they are young. “Hard data: the average age of a startup founder is 42 years old.” – Louise Doorn Founder HelloMaaS

“I’m 44 and I just don’t get impressed by bad stuff. If I were 21 and got hit in the face, I would cry and run. Now I would still cry but not run.” – Sander Nagtegaal CEO Unless

“For me, the biggest learning is to be patient. I was not patient at all. Without it you cannot manage transformation.” – Kevin Capota CMO L’Oréal Netherlands

“I run a marathon every day. Make sure to unwind. Step out from time to time to get inspired, listen to others and read a lot.” – Brenda Smith Director Marketing and Customer Engagement at AS Watson

Apply these 4 tips to tackle your marketing challenges as a gym, yoga studio or health webshop owner

Every single year, the year starts again with dry January, losing those extra kilos or finally tackling that mindfulness habit. You, as a small business owner, know how critical these weeks are. New customers are eager to work on these new resolutions.

However, there is a lot of competition out there. In the Netherlands, there are 1530 gyms, 6374 yoga companies and more than 20.000 companies in the sports industry.

Check out our 4 tips for you as a small business owner to stand out in your marketing. Learn how to connect with new customers with good New Year’s resolutions.


In a 2018 survey, 53% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands that they support. Live stream, engaging customers in video content and short snaps showing your sports boutique are great ways to capture the atmosphere you want to showcase in your gym or yoga studio.

Try this:

  1. Interviewing customers on Instagram stories on their experience
  2. Live streaming a yoga class or a new work-out equipment
  3. Short video snaps of the vibe in your gym or studio

Social Media

Are you already producing great content on Facebook and Instagram? But is it not getting the organic reach that you would like? At HelloMaaS we offer marketing solutions for you as a small business owner. We have a Social Media Plan package, with a step by step approach you get a personalized plan for your business. The package includes: defining SMART goals, competitive review, creative inspiration, and a social media calendar. Interested? Check out our packages here

Loyalty programs

Dutch consumers are not happy with their current loyalty programs. Keeping customers is still cheaper than going out and finding new ones. Great opportunity to surprise and delight your customers to boost your loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Try this:

  1. Point program: create challenges to keep your customers motivated (ex. 21-day ab challenge), when completed they receive a discount
  2. VIP program: higher price, but more value for the customer
  3. Tier program: the more they buy from you, the greater the rewards they’ll receive

Check out this great article on loyalty programs: https://sleeknote.com/blog/customer-loyalty-programs

Email Marketing

Email is not dead! Email conversion rate is still very high and maybe the best form of marketing there is. For every euro that you put in email marketing, you earn 36€ back. Gain new email addresses through Facebook and Instagram ads. Or via your website and offer a discount in return.

Try this:

  1. Bi-weekly newsletter with classes, tips, and recipes
  2. Introduce new teachers or new products
  3. Showcase your loyalty programs and loyal customers

Can’t get enough marketing tips? Listen to our HelloMasters Podcast with the CMO of VanMoof

HelloMasters Podcast Episode 19 – From Heineken, via Google, now back in his native Australia.

HelloMasters Episode 19

Deliveroo is not a “delivery” business. It is a marketplace, like ‘Funda for food’.  They don’t produce any food, they don’t have to buy or rent any restaurant properties, they don’t have to manage staff or stock, and they don’t even have to do the delivery. They do, however, own the customer relationship, the data, and handle billing.

After just launching in the UK 6 years ago, Deliveroo now sells food from 80,000 restaurants to over 6 million customers. This unicorn start-up is delivering exponential growth in the last four years.

Tune into our 19th HelloMasters podcast where we talk to Jeremy Brook, CMO Deliveroo Australia, who shares insights on building a brand in a triple sided marketplace in one of the fastest-growing online businesses. 

Jeremy’s tagline is Business Innovation x Technology x Marketing = Creative Magic. He has worked along with his motto for nearly twenty years, starting on the agency side in Australia and London. He moved to Amsterdam into a global marketing competence role at Heineken and led Creative Business for Northern Europe at Google Amsterdam. Now back in this home country we caught him on Sunday morning for 45 minutes insights on marketing, innovation, team culture, and growth. 

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