How felyx, a front runner company in the field of shared e-mopeds, boosts their multilingual copywriting capabilities with a HelloMaaS Flex Team.

felyx is a fast-growing startup operating in multiple European countries. They’re a seasonal business by nature. Therefore, the workload differs per period and not all marketing expertise is constantly needed on an in-house basis. How do they scale their multilingual content flexibly?

Gijs Hoonhout

Global Head of Marketing felyx


Build a flexible team of great copywriters in French, German, English and Dutch.


Our Flex Team proposition was a perfect fit. Within two weeks, we onboarded three great copywriters that operate remotely and work part-time for felyx. Results: short copy for social media, support for the out-of-home campaign in Germany, doing multiple translations, and writing local copy from scratch.

Flexible power

“As a startup, we aim to be agile. We want to be able to cover the high-season peak without having overcapacity during the low-season. With HelloMaaS, we build a flexible layer of copywriters that bring in their skills and local knowledge whenever extra resources are needed. Actively managing our workload.”

Gijs Hoonhout

Global Head of Marketing felyx


Meet the team who acomplished this project

How client, marketing experts and HelloMaaS work together

  • Step
    Connecting with felyx

    felyx comes to us for a Flex Team

  • Step
    Building the Flex Team

    Building the Flex Team according to felyx's needs

  • Step
    Onboarding the Flex Team

    Onboarding of copywriters on felyx team. Organize contracts and admin by HelloMaaS.

  • Step
    Ongoing copywriting work

    Ongoing copywriting work. Think short copy for ads, social media and newsletters. Or big campaigns like 'out-of-home'.

  • Step

    Checking in every few weeks with the Flex Team and felyx on their progress and happiness.


skill set needed

Great copywriting skills in German, French, English, and Dutch



Sourcing, matching and onboarding completed


perfect freelancer matches

Match made on skills, experience, and personality

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