Say hello to the HelloMaaS team

HelloMaaS is not a marketing agency or recruiter. We are the platform for Marketing as a Service.

Our tech team builds the platform and data matching. Our business team builds brand awareness, onboards new clients and freelancers and works hard to make marketing smarter, easier and more cost-efficient for all.

We come from around the world and are passionate to build a more flexible way of working in marketing for small and large companies.

Our leadership team

Professional headshot of Hellomaas team founder Louise Doorn

Louise Doorn

Founder / CEO
ENTJ Personality

New York City, USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Global marketing executive at agency and client side, including Publicis Groupe, JPMorganChase, Samsung, Philips. Former CMO Dstillery. MarTech investor. Avid sailor and skier.

Professional headshot of Chief Product Officer Adrian Collier who is part of the Hellomaas team

Adrian Collier

Chief Product Officer
INFP Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

B.Sc. – Creating platforms people love for 15 years. Former Product Lead at Bloomreach/Hippo CMS (VC-backed $100M, Silicon Valley exit). Prior worked on Fintech startups in London. Dutch speaking Brit living in Amsterdam for over 10 years with a passion for board games.

Our sales & marketing team

Professional headshot of Business Developer Sebastiaan Corstjens who is part of the Hellomaas team

Sebastiaan Corstjens

Business Developer
ESTJ Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Seasoned Intrepreneur with 15+ years experience in sales, marketing, recruitment and product management, including a recent 3 years stint at EMERCE media and startup marketing advisor.
Well versed to switch between strategy and execution.

Professional headshot of Community Lead Laurens Heijboer who is part of the Hellomaas team

Laurens Heijboer

Community Lead
INFP Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – People connector that knows his way through the marketing jungle. Former relationship manager at DDMA. Prior worked as account manager at advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson. 

Professional headshot of content marketer Thalia Hesselink who is part of the Hellomaas team

Thalia Hesselink

Content Marketer
ENFP Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

B.B.A – Former HelloMaaS work-student turned full time content marketer. She produces all content from video’s to the newsletter. Dutch born and raised with her eye on a sustainable world. She is passionate about podcasts and startups, finds the combo is even better.

Professional headshot of business developer Jan van der Harst who is part of the Hellomaas team

Jan van der Harst

Business Developer
ENFJ Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

B.Ba – Graduate from Hotelschool The Hague with a passion for value creation, communication and customer focus. Gets energized by making meaningful connections and excellent teamwork. Loves good food, wine and even better company. Well versed to switch between strategy and execution.

Professional headshot of Brand Marketer Jip Hoestra who is part of the Hellomaas team

Jip Hoestra

Brand Marketer
ENFJ Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

MSc.BA in Marketing. Guardian of the HelloMaaS brand by combining copywriting with proposition marketing strategy. True digital nomad having lived and worked in 5 countries. Completed a minor in Advertising in NYC and previously worked at advertising agency J. Walter Thompson. Passionate about fashion, branding and innovation.

Professional headshot of Conversion Marketer Justus Smid who is part of the Hellomaas team

Justus Smid

Conversion Marketer
ENFP Personality

Leiden, The Netherlands

B.B.A – Dutch born and internationally schooled. Soon-to-be Business School graduate with a big interest in digital innovation and start-ups. Prior experience in setting up several e-commerce stores. Enjoys playing a round of golf or painting.

Our product & tech team

Professional headshot of Full stack developer Paulo Antunes

Paulo Antunes

Full Stack Developer
ISFJ Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

B.Sc. – Curious back end developer. Over 15 years of full stack development at agencies and media platforms such as Sanoma. Portuguese who called Amsterdam home for the last 10 years. Enjoys diving into cryptocurrencies and speciality brews.

Professional headshot of front end developer Damien Pellier

Damien Pellier

Front End Developer
INTP Personality

Utrecht, The Netherlands

M.Sc. – Highly productive front end developer. Over 15 years of coding experience including the mobile app of Rabobank. Prior worked for French startups. Frenchman who likes to explore the world as a digital nomad.

Professional headshot of full stack developer Boris Dedejski

Boris Dedejski

Full Stack Developer
ENFJ Personality

Strumica, North Macedonia

B.Sc. – Tech enthusiast with passion for cutting edge technologies, especially on the front end. On a mission to make a change through software. When not coding, I am travelling, exploring or spending time with friends.

Professional headshot of technical assistant Renier de Ridder who is part of the Hellomaas team

Reinier de Ridder

Technical Assistant
ENFP Personality

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Soon M.Sc. Business & IT – Big passion for software development and product design. Experienced with start-ups, worked for Deloitte as part of the Privacy team and now studies for a Master’s Degree in Data Science. Enjoys good food, special beers and nice musea.

Professional headshot of Designer Anna Notovska

Anna Notovska

INFP Personality

Sofia, Bulgaria

B.A – Well-versed designer from illustrations to UX. Over 15 years of design experience as a freelancer working with a free-mindness for companies worldwide. Bulgarian living in Sofia with a love for the outdoors and culture.