Itoh Denki

How Itoh Denki, a manufacturing industry leader, generated high-quality leads through an online showcase

Itoh Denki has been producing automated conveyer systems since 1946. They're a Japanese company with offices around the globe.

Stuart Allan

Branche Manager, Itoh Denki


Due to Covid-19, trade shows and industry exhibitions were cancelled, so an important B2B touchpoint was no longer available. They needed a new way to get leads.


With HelloMaaS a 2-day webinar series was launched to showcase new products to a targeted live audience. HelloMaaS assembled a top-tier marketing team with industry experience to get the job done. We developed an enticing value proposition, landing page, LinkedIn campaigns and industry media campaigns to attract the right B2B2C segment to the event and as potential buyers opening an entirely new direct to customer segment.

  • Audience definition
  • Value driven landing page
  • Plan, launch and run media campaigns
  • Lead conversion
Awesome result

Utilising HelloMaas allowed us to save money on agency costs and direct this budget towards the actual campaign. We were very happy with the team, the content produced, and the outcome of the campaign.

Stuart Allan

Branche Manager, Itoh Denki


Meet the team who acomplished this project

How client, marketing expert and HelloMaaS work together

  • Step

    Kick-off & working session to determine and align the strategic goals and target ideal audiences.

  • Step
    Create Value Proposition

    Create attractive Value Proposition based on audience interest and persona.

  • Step
    Develop concepts

    Develop concepts and content around the Value Proposition.

  • Step
    Showcase landingpages

    Creation of showcase landing pages focused on attendee benefits and conversion and start lead generation campaign on LinkedIn.

  • Step

    Tweak, adapt and improve campaigns through A/B testing.

  • Step
    Drive quality traffic

    Drive quality traffic towards landing pages with applicable content.

  • Step
    Oversee the registration

    Oversee the registration of showcase attendees and Set up marketing mix for after-event distribution of the showcase.


Perfect freelancer matches

Freelancer matching based on skills, experience and personality



Time from freelancer matching to starting the project


Attendance rate

High attendance rate thanks to a solid nurturing sequence

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