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We help small and large companies with flexible, nimble and cost-efficient marketing teams and know-how. For example:
Startups that have secured a nice piece of funding and need to scale their marketing.

Medium sized businesses that don’t need a full marketing team in-house but want to grow their company. Think seasonal campaigns, new product introductions or trying to beat the competition more smartly.

Corporate brands and marketing agencies that need cutting edge marketing skills, extra marketing brains or hands-on help with campaigns and channels.

We help you define what channels and tools you need to get you on the right track with fast, smart and affordable marketing.

We are a platform that helps you with better marketing through our tools and members, for example:

Consult an independent marketing advisor for honest advice on new tools, channels or campaigns.

Service packages for specific marketing channels and tools. For instance, a social media manager that grows your Instagram channel for a fixed price per month. 

Create a project and describe your goals and challenges; our independent freelancers and advisors can message you with ideas. 

Smart and unbiased matching with freelancers that we have already screened for you.

You decide what you need. All services can be used separately and on an as-needed basis.

Freelancing in marketing is growing fast and only getting more popular. Many large companies build their own marketing teams and hire agencies. Often they lack deep and recent experience in new marketing channels and tools. Figuring it out on your own is expensive and time-consuming.

Many smaller companies don’t use marketing at all or very limited. They often don’t know what to do or find it hard to build the right team.

HelloMaaS connects the best freelancer marketers with small and large companies. Whether you have a full-time project for several months, a one day deep dive on a new marketing channel, or you prefer a fixed price marketing package, you can find these all on HelloMaaS so you don’t need to worry. 

We use smart matching to connect everyone together. This means less process, no more expensive middlemen, more creativity and faster results!

After you created your profile and we approved it you can: 

Log in and access your dashboard

Start searching for advisors or freelancers

Post a project to get fresh ideas

Create a contract and set up payment

Get help from the HelloMaaS member success team

Joining is free and super easy!

Go to the top right corner of the HelloMaaS website

Click Sign Up and follow the steps

Create your profile

Receive an email to access the HelloMaaS platform

Discover what you can do 

Get to work and engage in smarter marketing

Joining HelloMaaS with the standard membership is FREE. You only pay a matchmaking fee once you hire a freelancer or experts or when you buy a package. This matching fee with a free membership is already competitive. When you use more than one service or hire for more than 15 hours a week, it’s more cost effective to sign up for a paid membership. We’re totally transparent on our fees and you can find more details here.

No. Companies with a modest budget can start with buying expert advice and fixed price marketing packages at affordable and transparent rates.

During the project, we will send an weekly or monthly temperature check-in message to all parties involved. If the result varies significantly compared to the previous week we will mention this in the message back to the team. We leave it to the team to discuss and take actions for improvement, unless additional help is requested. At the end of a project, package or advice, we ask all parties involved for 360 degree feedback. This means that both the client and all others working on the project will get an opportunity to provide feedback through a rating and review. Similar to AirBnB, all parties need to provide feedback before the results are shared. The results will be added to the profile of the client and freelancer. If we see sustained decline or low average ratings we will hold the right to suspend members from the platform to ensure overall quality.

Please do! Send them this link: join. We’ll be rolling out a member-gets-member program shortly.
For now, just sent us an email to with your name and the person you introduced so we can sent you a thank you gift and a 5% commission for revenue up to €2000. 


Marketing is changing at the speed of light, with more than 50 different channels and over 5000 marketing tools. The landscape is changing all the time too, meaning it can be quite a challenge to decide what to do!

It doesn’t have to be that hard. We connect you with advisors that done it before. Based on their experience with a tool, channel or a country, they offer their know-how to your benefit.

No more reinventing the wheel or expensive mistakes. Book advisors directly for a few hours or a full day so you honest advice and a checklist on what to do.

We believe in the power of networks and are sourcing the first pool of advisors directly through our connections and those of our partners. Dutch freelancers and in-house marketers can apply today and create a profile as an expert.

We will review each new advisor profile on our platform personally and add them to the pool if they meet our quality and experience mark. Marketing advisors need to have consulting capabilities, and proven experience in specific marketing channels, campaigns, strategies, and technologies.

First you need to create a client profile on HelloMaaS. We’ll review and if it looks complete you’ll receive an email to access our platform. The platform is only accessible for approved freelancers, advisors and clients to foster a positive and top-quality experience.

On the platform you can search for marketing advisors in your industry with specific skills, or specialist know-how on marketing channels and tools.

You can connect with them directly via our message tool. They will respond and you can agree on the scope, time and date for the advice consultation. You can do a video conference, phone call or in person meeting, even a walk in the park, it’s all up to you. When you’ve matched, you simply click hire, provide payment details and send the contract for sign-off to the advisor. Then you get to work! 

Marketing advisors determine their own fee. HelloMaaS adds a platform and matching fee of 20% op top of the advisory fee. If you have a SILVER or GOLD membership the matching fee will be only 15% or 10%. 

You need to let the expert know as soon as possible if you have doubts about the quality of their service and discuss in a constructive matter what you are expecting.

If you don’t see reasonable improvement, please contact us. Although we are rigorous in our selection and offer only trustworthy advisors,  we are a matchmaking platform and the actual service is not provided by HelloMaaS, therefore, we can’t be held liable for unsatisfactory services.

You don’t have to be a freelancer to be an advisor on HelloMaaS. Many marketers employed in-house or at an agency have deep or cutting edge expertise. Their peers could benefit talking to them and learn about their expertise. No more reinventing the wheel or making the expensive mistakes others made already. A well-structured half or full day of knowledge exchange or review suffices, but there are options to extend beyond that. Being an advisor on HelloMaaS will build a true reputation for corporate marketers and a way to increase earning potential in addition to your regular job.


Agency life can be volatile. Pitches won put often a lot of pressure on the team. With HelloMaaS, agencies can augment their teams faster with specific knowledge in a number of ways:
1. Hire specialist marketing know-how lacking in-house 
2. Expand your agency team when you need extra execution power on a temporary basis
3. Buy or resell fixed price packages from freelancers with deep know-how to service your client better
4. Consult marketing experts with deep expertise for business development or industry insights
  1. Go to join
  2. Fill out your profile
  3. Get approved


Your agency has specific marketing expertise. You can create a marketing package to demonstrate your agency unique skill sets. By selling your services through a marketing package you will create an additional revenue stream and work with clients that probably would not connect with you directly otherwise. 


Many companies, such as SMB’s and startups, don’t have large marketing budgets. They often lack marketing know-how. Over 85% of small companies don’t do marketing, but they should if they want to survive and grow. 

We offer marketing packages as a solution. A trusted freelancer with experience in a specific marketing channel will deliver marketing at a fixed price and with a clear description of their service.  You will know what you will get and how much it will cost.

There are packages as a one-time activity, for example, to set up your Instagram channel or e-mail marketing. Or you can decide for ongoing service to create a monthly newsletter for your customers.

We call it no worries marketing!

There are two options:

1. Let us help you

Go to the homepage of At the bottom, you can find the block Right Marketers. Right Now. Select the marketing topic you need help with and leave your e-mail address. Our member success team will contact you and will provide a recommendation for a certain type of package. No strings attached.

2. Do-It-Yourself

Join our platform as a client here. Log into the platform. Go to the left-hand side and click on Packages. Type in marketing skills or channels you need help with. Discover the various packages. Send a message to the freelancer to learn more. If you found what you like select payment terms and buy the service. The freelancer will get to work on the date you agreed.

An approved HelloMaaS freelancer will provide the service. You can review their profile, send them a message on the platform and ask questions directly through our messaging service.

You can buy packages directly from the package detail page on the HelloMaas platform once you are logged in.

You pay 50% upon start and 50% after delivery of the services.

Depending on their membership, members receive a discount off the listed