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Create a free profile on the HelloMaaS website to get access to our platform. Our customer success team will review your profile and if we can help you, grant you full access. The platform works with onboarding cards to guilde you on the possiblities. The platform is self-service and you can find and buy marketing packages fast and easy. Set up payment terms and pay via creditcard or iDeal (Powered by Stripe). If you like to customize your package, our customer success team is happy to advice you.

Joining is free and super easy!

Go to the top right corner of the HelloMaaS website

Click Sign Up and follow the steps

Create your profile

Receive an email to access the HelloMaaS platform

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And find a suitable marketing solution!

HelloMaaS is Marketing as a Service. A new way of working in marketing. We offer an umbrella of all marketing knowlegde delivered by hand picked  top freelancers with local know-how.

You work directly with freelance specialists when you need it. No need for ongoing retainers and managing a group of specialist agencies, you can get know how and execution power direclty via HelloMaaS, often at lower total costs and with more flexibility.

Many companies we talked to like to experiment faster and with less risk benefiting from the many new marketing options. You can tap into the experience specialists gleaned in previous projects. Our network is large enough to offer industry experience and affinitty. After all, working as a marketer in finance is very different than in fashion.

It’s our purpose to make productive marketing accessible to all companies. Many great marketers want to have more say in when, how and for whom to work. Many companies like to work with great people but struggle to be productive with so many tools and channels that change all the time. Also they like to shorten the search for great people and have more flexibility in where and how to hire. We’re listening to this trend and created a platform for more productive marketing benefiting both specialists and companies.

HelloMaaS sells two services:

  1. First on are marketing packages delivered by top specialists. Clients pay a fixed price of which 80% for the specialist who delivers the service, 20% is for HelloMaaS platform, services and quality assurance. Each package is priced separately. We start with audit packages as from 500 euro. The average rate of a package is around 3000 euro, broken up in a number of steps that are paid for as you go along.
  2. Second are specialists or marketing team on demand at a hourly or day rate. This is a more flexible way of working where the clients can scale up and down via the platform. Clients get billed every two weeks of which 15% is for the HelloMaaS platform and service and 85% for the specialist who delivers the service. If a client spends more than 10.000 euro in billings the 15% HelloMaaS fee will be reduced to 10% resulting into a 5% discount for loyal clients.

HelloMaaS charges a matchmaking fee to clients. This is based on the freelancer rate and the hours worked per month.

When you don’t want to worry what marketing you get. The process is defined already for you, so no more lengthy project planning or misconception on what you will get. You know what you will pay and only need to pay per step. It’s our goal to remove all common friction in marketing projects so there is more room for productive collaboration.

There are two ways to find a marketing package that suits your needs.

Option A: Go to and create a client profile to get acces to the HelloMaaS platform. The platform will help you to find the right Marketing Package for your business. Go to the left-hand side and click on Packages. Type in marketing skills or channels you need help with. Discover the various packages.

Option B. Contact HelloMaaS via email, phone or our chatfunction. HelloMaaS will provide a recommendation for a certain type of package or a customized marketing package tailored to fit your needs. No strings attached.

Yes, our sales and customer success team can work with you to personalize your package and add or expand the scope to your exact needs.

Of course, our platform provides recommendations at the bottom of each package page on which packages are ideal to follow up with.

Currently the platform only allows client accounts to buy packages and post projects; however marketing specialists are free to create a separate client account for this purpose.

Absolutely! We work with the complete range of marketing specialists that can fill any gap or need for your business. Whether you have your strategy and plans in place and are looking for additional execution power, or you’ve got a blank page in front of you and are looking for help on where to begin. We’ll be able to match you with the individuals that will help you reach your goals.

A number of agencies reached out to us with this request. At the moment we focus on marketing freelancers, but we are seriously looking into a way to onboard agencies.

Our purpose is to make marketing easy and productive for all companies. That’s why we offer different fitting solutions for any types of companies:

  • We work with Fortune 500 companies, building a flexible layer around their inhouse marketing team.
  • SMB companies and mid-market who could benefit more from all the options in marketing. Our sweetspot are companies between 25-250 employees with annual revenue between 3-50 million euro.

HelloMaaS offers two services:

1. First on are marketing packages delivered by top freelance marketing specialists. HelloMaaS provides a highly structured step by step approach tailored for each package. This in includes a templated deliverable and our Project Happiness Tool, a bi-weekly temperature check in for all people working on the project. By doing so we’re taking away the key challenges in most marketing projects so clients and freelancers can get to results better.

2. Second are specialists or marketing team on demand at a hourly or day rate. This is a more flexible way of working where client can scale up and down via the platform. Clients will work with our customer success team to cherrypick marketing specialists with brand affinity and industry experience that can work with your team on an ongoing basis as extra brain and execution power.

We manage quality in a number of ways:

1. First we handpick the right specialist based on industry experience and brand affinity.

2. We offer a template for each deliverable so both freelancer and client understand what the project deliverable looks like.

3. We set up a kick-off call to explain the way of working between the client, HelloMaaS and the marketing specialist.

4. We set up the bi-weekly Project Happiness Index tracker for the client and marketing specialist. Want to know more about our Project Happiness Index? visit the Project Happiness page.

Please do! Send them this link: join. We’ll be rolling out a member-gets-member program shortly.
For now, just sent us an email to with your name and the person you introduced so we can sent you a thank you gift and a 5% commission for revenue up to €2000.

We’re a platform that uses technology to create marketing solutions provided by structured products and top freelance specialists. Our business team is based in Amsterdam and our own tech team is working remotely.

Please visit our team page and check out the profiles of our team members. We also work with our own flexible layer of flexible specialists that help out with extra brain and execution power when we need it. We’re proud of our advisors that mentor, challenge and support us in the rollercoaster journey of a startup. Last but not least we have a highly supportive group of angel investors and are proud to be part of the highly acclaimed HearstLAB.

Please visit our jobs pages on for open positions for the core team at HelloMaaS. If you are a freelance marketing specialist with local experience in the Dutch market, you can join the HelloMaaS platform by creating your profile here.

Yes, our sales and customer success team can work with you to write your brief for a once-off fee of 149 euro.

We believe that the best match is made when freelancers have industry experience and brand affinity. Disclosing your company name will help freelancers to do research prior to the first matching call come this questions and ideas. This will help you to understand their skills sett better and what they can do for you.

If the package is not delivered according to plan and expectations laid down in the contract, we will review each complaint seriously. We will set up a meeting with both the marketing specialist and the client and will jointly discuss disputes and help arbitrage. If there is a case of malpractice we will refund amount paid.

Please note that we purposely offer a tool, the Project Happiness Index, to saveguard expectations and ask all parties to fill in out on a regular basis. By doing so we can pro-actively reach out if there is a large discrepancy between the parties and help address potential issues.

Marketing is changing at the speed of light. So many channels and tools that are changing continously. Building a team that has the latest know-how and execution power takes time and could be expensive. With HelloMaaS you bring outside know-how and executin power directly to you. No more reinventing the wheel and risky first steps, work with specialists and be more productive quicker. You can find motivated professionals with industry expensive and brand affinity and work with them when you need to.

Both. Our packages are particularly suited to be delivered remotely. This allows clients to work with marketing specialists outside of their local circle. Since the process, price and deliverables are pre-set there is less need for process and project management making remote work a great option. If you prefer to work in person, many freelancers are open to come to your office. We do recommend to meet each other for coffee the first time, to build a personal connection.

We offer 50 marketing services as packages, based on most searched marketing keywords in the Netherlands.

If you want to add a flexible layer and prefer to work based on a hourly or day rate you scan the Freelance Marketing Specialist profile on the platform. We suggest to look at the self-selected skills.

Yes, we facilitate the start of the project with advice and kick-off. Once scope and contracts are in place, you will work directly with the specialist.

You can buy packages directly from the marketing package page on the HelloMaas platform. On the platform you can select a Marketing Package and add the package to your basket. You can pay quick, easy and safe by Debit (iDeal) or Credit card.

Project Happiness Index

The Project Happiness Index (PHI) is a simple, effective tool to measure project “temperature” along 3 attributes: collaboration, quality and speed. We collect blind inputs every two weeks and disclose confidentially the team results. By doing so you can see how your “temperature” aligns with the overall team. If there is a large difference you have a data driven way to discuss expectations and collaboration allowing you to course correct pro-actively.

For more details, please check the carrousel at the PHI page to understand more details.

Everybody who is interested in building a high performing marketing team. All you need is a HelloMaaS account and one or more team members to invite. You don’t even need to have a contract with HelloMaaS or buy a package. We offer it for FREE for all companies and freelancers.

You need to create a client and or freelancer account to get access.

Terms & Conditions

HelloMaaS doesn’t share any of your data publicly . We only share your information with clients when you apply for a specific project.

You can find our terms & conditions in the footer of the page.