How Loop, a fast-growing D2C e-commerce company, found the perfect freelancer fit

Loop is a fast-growing D2C e-commerce company. In the current labor market it is difficult to find good employees. They have high standards and work with a fast-paced culture. How can they fill their job openings with good freelancers?

Tris Lambrecht

Growth Director Loop


Find a Digital Campaign Manager that has experience with their tools, fits their needed skillset and is a great culture fit.


Within 2 weeks, a great freelancer was onboarded who had the right company culture fit and the required set of skills.

Freelance power

"We're growing fast and need talent that fits our culture. I'm looking for the best marketers in the game. HelloMaaS provided a great freelancer that fits our culture in no time."

Tris Lambrecht

Growth Director Loop


Meet the team who acomplished this project

How client, marketing experts and HelloMaaS work together

  • Step
    Connecting with Loop

    Loop comes to us to get their open job vacancies filled with freelancers.

  • Step
    Finding the freelancer

    Meet and greets were set up with their HR specialist and Growth Director. A decision was made fast.

  • Step
    Onboarding the freelancer

    A great freelancer was chosen and onboarded fast into Loop's team. We organize contracts and admin.

  • Step
    Ongoing freelance work

    Ongoing freelance work as Digital Campaign Manager. Think building campaigns, coming up with new target audiences, working with teams.

  • Step

    Checking in every few weeks with the Freelancer and Loop on their progress and happiness.


freelancer needed

Digital Campaign Manager with experience and culture fit



Sourcing, matching and onboarding completed



Loop satisfied with work delivered

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