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HelloMaaS offers 50 fixed price marketing packages within 9 Marketing Categories. Each package comes with step by step instructions and a template, for example improving your Social Media Strategy, Visual Identity, Strategy Audit, Brand Personality, Podcast or Influencer Marketing.

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Packages are co-created by top specialists and reviewed by HelloMaaS. Know exactly what you get. No more surprises in project planning and costs. Benefit by working with new tools and innovative online collaborations.

No more searching, we offer only the best freelancers per packages. We match you based on industry experience, brand affinity and local market know-how.


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Packages are co-created by top specialists and reviewed by HelloMaaS. No more surprises in project planning and costs. Know what you get. Benefit by working with new tools and innovative online collaboration.

“With HelloMaaS I work directly with big brands on interesting projects. As a market researcher I enjoy the freedom to work when and how I like. In my last project I’ve been able to deliver results 4x times faster and at 3 times less the budget than what the corporate client was used to, since I worked directly with the brand and her marketing team.”

Claudia, Market research

“I have been an early HelloMaaS marketing specialist, from 2018. It has truly transformed the way I work on marketing projects. Their professionalism and innovative approach has allowed me to focus on what is truly important – projects at clients. HelloMaaS has become a valued partner who I can grow my marketing skills set together with.”

Irena, Content & Communications Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clients work with HelloMaaS?

All companies can benefit by working with the flexible, structured HelloMaaS platform. Our current clients range from small businesses to high growth startups to Fortune 500. Our focus is on the Dutch market but we have recently started to work remotely with clients in the USA. Our clients are looking for experienced and high-quality marketing specialists. Projects can range from a one-time deliverable via packages you can deliver remote to ongoing monthly engagement with clients that prefer to work in person.

Why work with HelloMaaS?

It’s our purpose to make productive marketing accessible to all companies. Many great marketers want to have more say in when, how and for whom to work. Many companies like to work with great people but struggle to be productive with so many tools and channels that change all the time. Also they like to shorten the search for great people and have more flexibility in where and how to hire. We’re listening to this trend and created a platform for more productive marketing benefiting both specialists and companies.

How do I find the right packages?

There are two ways to find a marketing package that suits your needs. Option 1: Go to and create a client profile to get acces to the HelloMaaS platform. The platform will help you to find the right Marketing Package for your business. Go to the left-hand side and click on Packages. Type in marketing skills or channels you need help with. Discover the various packages. Option 2. Contact HelloMaaS via Email, phone or our chatfunction. HelloMaaS will provide a recommendation for a certain type of package or a customized marketing package tailored to fit your needs. No strings attached.

How much do you charge?

HelloMaaS sells two services both with a flat platform fee. Standard Marketing Packages:  each package is priced separately. We start with audit packages as from € 500,- . The average rate of a package is around € 3000,-  broken up in a number of steps that are paid for as you go along. clients pay a fixed price of which 80% for the specialist who delivers the service, 20% is for HelloMaaS platform, services and quality assurance. Customized projects:  these projects are co-created by HelloMaaS and our clients. This is a more flexible way of working where client can scale up and down via the platform. Prices of these projects are determined by team on demand on the scope, and Marketing Specialists hourly or day rate. Clients get billed every two weeks of which 15% is for the HelloMaaS platform and service and 85% for the specialist who delivers the service. If a client spends more than €10.000,-  in billings the 15% HelloMaaS fee will be reduced to 10% (or in other words a 5% discount for loyal clients).  If you would like to have maximum flexibility on how to work with a marketing specialist we recommend to work at a hourly or day rate. As part of our service we will include a benchmark making sure you pay a realistic market rate.  If you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.