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“We operate with a lean budget and a small team so hiring a marketing agency is too expensive and takes too much time. The HelloMaaS packages proved to be a perfect fit. I know beforehand what to expect with clear scope and pricing.”


Ellen Bark-Lindhout

Managing Director at

Great matching

It was a delight to use the HelloMaaS platform and work together with the team on this project. We were really impressed by their seamless onboarding process, a great way to kick-start any successful project. We were matched with an experienced video editor to help bring our vision to life.



Lab & Books

More out of our budget

Utilizing HelloMaaS allowed us to save money on agency costs and direct this budget towards the actual campaign. We were very happy with the team, the content produced, and the outcome of the campaign.


Stuart Allan

Branch Manager at Itoh Denki

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