150+Companies got their Playbook

Great tool for startups

They often don't know where or how to start. With this tool you have a clear starting point. In addition, the Playbook shows how many marketing channels there are. It is not possible for smaller teams or organizations to hire all those kinds of specialists. With the Playbook you have an overview of who you can use when and for what.

Marloes van Leersum

Marketing Director at Fundsup

Your marketing plan in a few clicks

We talked to 80+ SMB’s and startups. They often forget their marketing planning. No knowledge or time.

A solid base is crucial to succeed with marketing. That’s why we build the Playbook.

Our mission is to make marketing accessible for any company. Big or small.

All the knowledge of a CMO in one planning tool

Personalized planner with recommendations

Step-by-step plans per marketing activity

How it works

How to use your marketing plan

free in 10 min

Build your marketing plan

Easy does it. Start your marketing plan. Receive your free and custom marketing plan with monthly planner

Audit your marketing plan

Marketing is changing fast. Audit your marketing plan with our Playbook. Fill out this form and compare the results with your own plan.

Get into action

Select marketing packages in your planner. Our team and community of top freelancers will deliver results.

What clients like about the Playbook

Simple and to the point

The Playbook is perfect for marketing managers that want a second opinion. Simple and straight to the point.”

Stefanie Taylor

Global Campaigns Manager at Sopheon

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