Work with trusted marketing experts in your market

Get your marketing power

250+ experts
75+ skills

Get your marketing power

250+ experts
75+ skills

How we build a quality community in three steps


Expertise check

Our community team checks the freelancer’s experience and portfolio.


Personal call

We call each freelancer to understand their personality and motivation.


Quality control

Ongoing quality checks with our happiness tracker and 360 review & ratings.

We quality check all our experts.
So you don’t have to.

Marketing freelancers create a profile

We check and verify their experience and expertise. Topics we check on:

  • Marketing skills
  • Client type and industry
  • Career growth and results
  • Scope of work and portfolio
  • Roles and responsibilities

When it looks like a match, we call to understand their personality and motivation for HelloMaaS

When all looks great, we onboard the freelancer onto our platform and community

How you get matched with experts


You select packages, flex team skills or post a project. We reach out to understand your budget and timing.


Our matching tool and personal touch creates a freelancer short list; based on expertise, industry and brand affinity.


You join a call to meet two freelancers per skill or package. Each freelancer will present and pitch.


You choose the best fit. We organize contracts and onboarding.


We organize a kickoff to talk about scope, way of working and results.

With our platform you get the best results

Happiness tracker

High-performing teams thrive with open and frequent check ins. Our happiness tracker automates this.

Bi-weekly, all team members (including you) grade collaboration, progress and quality. If grades fall rapidly, we get in touch.

Personal check-ins

Our community is led by Laurens. Our team stays in frequent contact during the project. We coach freelancers.

We check-in on the quality of work, discuss happiness score and give advise on next steps.

Ratings and reviews

It takes two to tango so we ask both the client and the freelancers for feedback on their project.

This 360 degree review will be shared once both parties filled it out.

The rating and review will be added to the client and freelancer page on the HelloMaaS platform.

Start working with quality experts now!