30+ small and big companies work with a Flex Team

What is a Marketing Flex Team?

It's a flexible layer of top freelancers for extra know-how or execution power.

Faster, cheaper, flexible

Work faster, cheaper and more flexible than agencies or new employees

  • Top 10% marketing freelancers specially matched for you
  • Choose from 75+ marketing skills
  • Book audits, ask input, implement new tools, improve your channels. Get more work done faster

Why a Marketing Flex Team?

Marketing is changing at the speed of light. How do you keep up?

  • War on marketing talent

  • Marketing is super specialized

  • Big increase in freelancers

War on marketing talent

Marketing is super specialized

Big increase in freelancers

On demand access to your Flex Team

Accelerate your marketing operations in three steps.

  • Platform
  • Community
  • Quality

24/7 access to top marketers via your Flex Team and personal message board.

Choose the people that work on your projects.

Invite trusted freelancers to your projects. Get work done fast and efficiently.

No more budget surprises with real time hour logging.

Top 10% community of the best marketing freelancers. Work with local experts.

We onboard and organize a kick-off.

75+ marketing skills. From specialized channels to niche tools.

Start working with an expert within two weeks.

Experience in 30+ industries.

Track your project with our bi-weekly Happiness Tracker. A 360 feedback tool for quality control and project happiness.

Our platform gathers performance data to improve matching.

Our team personally screens all marketers in the community.

Our customer success team tracks quality frequently. If needed we coach and course correct.

Six ways to use your Marketing Flex Team

Why HelloMaaS?

Discover the new marketing model.


Flex Team

In-house team
Marketing Skills Limited 75+ skills Limited
Flexibility Team Limited Full flexibility Very limited
Quality Check Manual Peer-to-peer + tools Manual
Team Platform Tool Not available Own team platform tool Not available
Team Start-up Time Weeks-months Within two weeks Months
Fixed Price Output Not available 37 Fixed price packages Not available
Cost Level $$$$ $$ $$$

Cheaper than agencies


Faster than hiring in-house teams

Why marketing leaders choose HelloMaaS

How to start with your Flex Team?

Not sure what you need?

Or hire a freelancer for your project. Or get into action with packages.

Hire Freelancer

Get a freelancer from our community for your project. Choose from 75+ skills.

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Fixed price marketing delivered by top freelancers. Content, social media, lead generation and more.

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Organize your marketing operations better

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Louise Doorn

Former CMO, now founder of HelloMaaS

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