Why do you need a Flex Team?

Marketing is changing fast. More than 50+ channels and 8000+ tools. You need a new way of working to keep up.

With a Flex Team you keep your strategic marketing in-house and add trusted freelance specialists to execute.

Faster, cheaper and more flexible
than agencies or new employees

  • Get a flexible group of top 10% marketing freelancers specially matched for you
  • Choose from 75+ marketing skills
  • Book audits, ask input, implement new tools and channels. Get extra work done.


How it works

  • Tell us which skills, knowledge and tools you need.

  • HelloMaaS turns your needs into a flex team.

  • Meet your flex team and select for fit.

  • Kick-off and onboard your flex team.

  • Ask for input, feedback and hire for action.

  • Organize contacts and payments in one go.

Meet clients with a flex team


Curious about the Flex Team?

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