These startups love Marketing as a Service

Build your marketing with your personal Flex Team

Build your marketing with your personal Flex Team

  • Lean marketing strategie: value proposition, audience segmentation and corporate identity
  • Content marketing foundation: channel mix, content templates, landing pages and distribution plan
  • Lead generation action plan: paid media campaigns and re-targeting set-up
Packages were the perfect fit

“We operate with a lean budget and a small team so hiring a marketing agency is too expensive and takes too much time. The HelloMaaS packages proved to be a perfect fit. I know beforehand what to expect with clear scope and pricing.”

Ellen Bark-Lindhout

Managing Director at

The HelloMaaS Startup Package

Your marketing ready in 3 steps: from strategy to lead generation.

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Your marketing done by our top community

Match made on skills, personality and industry experience.


We personally screen our community, so you don’t have to.


We believe marketing requires specialist know-how. All our marketers have deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge.


Work with a marketer who's experienced in your industry. From the fishmarket in Vlissingen, to fintech in the capital.

How to get started with your Startup package

5 steps. Start in 1-2 weeks.

Get your startup package
1 day

Get in touch to buy the startup package. If needed we create a custom proposal

Clear scope and pricing
1 day

Clear scope and contracts organized via the HelloMaaS platform. NDA 's also fixed.

Choose the best match!
1-2 weeks

We introduce you to two freelancers in a video call. They present and pitch. You choose the best match.

1 day

We organize a kick-off for the freelancer and your team. With a handy checklist you can get started right away.

Quality first

We keep track of your project with our feedback tool and customer success team. This is how we help companies get top marketing!

Clear and efficient

“Via HelloMaaS we found the right freelancer through a fast process. The package gave us clear deliverables and turned out to be very efficient. We are very satisfied with the quality of the work.”

Bert Seegers

Chief Business Officer at Orikami

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