How To Create A Killer Marketing Freelancer Profile

A HelloMaaS profile is not a resume nor a LinkedIn profile. It’s your pitch. If you were a radio station would anyone tune in? Imagine a radio station that has jazz, pop, R&B, dance and classical music.  Don’t be a mishmash, go narrow. Get to the one thing people want from you. Remove the clutter so clients can see why they need you. You have about 10 seconds to show what tangible marketing problems you can solve credibly. 

  • Select related skill tags, for instance Instagram, Influencer Marketing, Vlogging and Content Marketing. You can’t be all things to all clients. 
  • Create a 2-3 paragraph on your why, projects you’re proud of, recent experience and add quantifiable results. This is your elevator pitch. Use bullet, short and snappy descriptions. 
  • Select what type of companies you can help credibly. A corporate marketer does very different things than a demand generation marketer in a startup. 
  • Add well-known, cool or respected companies you work for/at in recent years.

Skill Up 

You already selected your skills when you signed up. This is a key data point in your profile. Based on your skills you will be featured in search results and receive updates on new projects. Select the skills you love doing and excel at. You can change skills in your profile settings at any time. 

Shine and smile 

You would be surprised how many people upload photos with sunglasses, on holiday with a cocktail, grainy, blurry or “en profile” (without eyes looking into the camera). One of the best things you can do for your profile is adding a professional-looking headshot. Look into the camera, show your personality and smile!

Think bandwidth, not a fixed hourly rate

We know that your hourly rate depends on multiple factors, like project duration, travel time, company and of course scope. Therefore, we offer a bandwidth slider to give you some wiggle room in setting the right rate for the right project. Not sure what rate bandwidth to select? You’re not alone, a lot of freelancers come to us with the same issue. That’s why we’re building a benchmark feature into our hourly rate calculator, you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our website and be the first to test it out!

Got baggage? Package up!

Productize yourself and work with our fixed price packages. This opens up a new client segment of smaller companies with many benefits:

  1. Sell what you’re good at and passionate about
  2. Create ongoing revenue with packages
  3. Work for smaller companies, often with more freedom on where and how to work

Close it out like a boss

Here are some last tips to make sure your profile is ready to go:

  1. Proofread to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes because nothing will make a client drop you faster than poor grammar.
  2. Update your profile regularly to show your latest accomplishments.
  3. Promote your profile (set it on ”public”) in your social media and add it to your email signature. 

Are you ready to get started?  Start with the new way of working as a marketing freelancer, good luck!

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