HelloMasters at Home Episode 02 – Jeremy Brook, CMO Deliveroo Australia

HelloMasters at Home Episode 02

Welcome to our second HelloMasters at Home vlog! HelloMasters is our podcast, and now temporary vlog!, where founder Louise Doorn, talks to current and future leaders about marketing, innovation, and teams.

After almost two weeks of working from home, we have gradually mastered the stand-ups, brainstorming sessions and team quarantine drinks. All restaurants are closed, but don’t worry! You can still order your lunch Poké Bowl at Deliveroo.

This week at HelloMasters at Home with CMO Deliveroo Australia, Jeremy Brook. Join us for a peek behind the curtains.

How does Deliveroo marketing work during this pandemic? We catching up on the situation in Australia and learn how Jeremy draws inspiration from Asian countries who are slowly emerging from the Covid-19 crisis. He shares tips to put more fun in your morning team stand-up and a crucial character trait needed today: vulnerability, especially when you are a Chief Marketing Officer.

Happy virtual lunchtime everyone!