6 CMO’s on the Future of Marketing Teams

Boom #1

Working in marketing is booming  – 63% growth in marketing jobs over the last six months on LinkedIn.

Boom #2

Talent turnover rates at large companies in the US, Europe and Asia are higher than ever. Time to hire for digital marketing roles is taking longer than ever. Companies need to significantly increase compensation to lure talent in. 

Boom #3

We have a problem. The challenge running an effective marketing team is no longer tech, data, capital, or your business model. It is people.

In 2019 we launched HelloMaaS – a new marketing team solution. 

Why? Marketing is changing at the speed of light in three ways:

  1. How marketing works – 50+ channels, 8000+ tools, real-time data
  2. How teams work – hyper specialization, always on channels, race for talent
  3. How work is done – remote, freelance, output based

In-housing all marketing skills or outsourcing to agencies requires big budgets. Most companies don’t have that. Even if you do;  how do you get the right skills, speed and fresh thinking you need in today’s marketing? 

The economy is volatile. A new lockdown can happen again. As marketers, we need to operate more nimble and flexible.

How are you planning to future proof your marketing team?

Let’s ask the practitioners. In our podcast HelloMasters we talk to CMO’s about leadership and teams. This is what they say about the future of work. 

Hybrid teams for efficiency, quality and savings 

Vanessa Hofland-Noordervliet, Director AH Studio at Ahold, episode 32 HelloMasters 

“I opted for a hybrid model. Part of my team is already “from the outside” anyway. I have chosen to enter into long-term partnerships with people from the outside. So not everyone is on Albert Heijn’s payroll.”

“I do this to meet three targets; the first is efficiency, that you can work faster, but also speed to market. Second is quality, brand consistency but also the quality of work. And the third, yes those savings.”

When we have a problem, we call freelancers we can trust

Dave Shoemack, exCMO now Chief of Staff at VANMOOF, episode 1 HelloMasters

“Fresh energy and insides from the outside at the right times is very valuable. We have freelancers that come in. We have a few on speed dial. If there is a big project, or something needs to happen. Those are the people I know we can call and they will deliver. “Whenever we bought a freelancer in, it was because we had a problem. Either there is too much work and not enough people. Or there is something that we can’t crack and we need fresh eyes.”

Handpicked senior sparring partners that get in and get out 

Marcel Molenaar, Director Marketing Solutions & Country Manager Benelux at LinkedIn, episode 39 HelloMasters 

“Companies know a lot these days. So in agencies, they are looking for a sparring partner. They have to know your industry and business. At the moment you don’t need them anymore, they don’t have to be here anymore.”

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Get new projects done with specific know-how.

Kevin Capota, CMO & CDO Benelux at L’Oreal, episode 11 HelloMasters 

“I could definitely use a boost to get a project rolling. For instance where I don’t have a specialist, I have to do it myself. Then I have to go into the nitty gritty details. But it takes so much time. Then I just need someone for two, three, four months to get it rolling and push it forward. It’s business integration for me. They need to understand the process”..

Fresh creativity. Critical look from the outside in.

Frans Leenaars, CMO Western Region & Group Customer Experience Director at TUI, episode 20 HelloMasters 

“We are looking for creativity. Freelancers look at our world in different ways. But also in tech en martech you need freelancers or external parties. The trick is to match it together, so that the know-how stays in the company.”

Minimize FTE headcount. Get outside specialists to limit team complexity

Brenda Smith, Director Marketing and Customer Experience at A.S. Watson (Kruidvat, Trekpleister, ICI PARIS XL) episode 17 HelloMasters 

“The biggest challenge in marketing is that there are so many new specialists. How do you organise for that? My approach is: first do it with your current team. Then get help from freelancers. I try to minimize (team) growth. More people and more specialists also brings in more complexity. “

“There are so many more channels. So it’s much more effort to reach the same customer through all these different channels. How do you organize that efficiently without overspending or overgrowing your budget?” 

“What you design today, works for the next three months. Then you already have to think ahead about how to organise for the next 12 months.“

The Future of Work in Marketing is now  


Flexible marketing brain 

and operation power 

at your fingertips

What’s your game plan? 

Learn how to build your futureproof Marketing Team


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