Hello, Smart Teams

Build your smart and flexible
marketing teams

  • Create agile teams with a flexible layer of trusted freelancers 
  • Fresh ideas and specialist marketing skills when you need it 
  • Turn-key platform to create and enhance your marketing team

The New Marketing Operating Model

Flexible layer around your team with transparent fees

Ad-hoc brain and execution power you can trust

Creative collaboration with community tools

Step 1: Engage

On your way to creating perfect marketing teams you receive direct access to marketing know-how from top marketing freelancers. Based on industry experience and brand affinity we assemble a trusted group of 5-20 people as your sounding board.

  • Ask instant feedback on campaigns and propositions
  • Get honest insights on new marketing channels and tools 
  • Crowdsource ideas for future plans

Step 2: Create

Search directly for marketing skills and bookmark in the future.

  • Curate a pool of marketing specialists to augment your capabilities 
  • Create a flexible layer around your team
  • Organize contracts, track budgeting and invoicing in one dashboard

Step 3: Grow

Learn from other companies through fee benchmarking. Get insights in what marketing tactics are used by others.

  • Get algorithm recommendations on marketing tactics
  • Learn what channels are used most
  • Benefit from our happiness tracker and enhance team collaboration

We built the marketing teams tool with our clients

This is what we’ve learned:

In-house marketing teams

What 17 marketing directors told us at large companies

“It’s great to have brand knowledge and customer data in one place, but we lack fresh ideas and speed in decision-making.”

“Social media needs deep expertise. We’re too small to hire full-time roles per channel and outsourcing to agencies is expensive.”

“With so many tools it’s hard to decide what to focus on. We lack expertise to make the right decisions, let alone manage it.”

Hiring freelancer marketers

…and 50 companies with a modest marketing budget

“Freelancers are great for that extra brain and execution power.”

“I love a fresh pair of eyes, deep know-how or new ways of working.”

“We hire them 1 by 1 via recruiters or through our own networks. Recruiters work manually with a limited network. It takes time and fees are high. I would also like help on how and what to do.”


  • Maximum flexibility to (re)build marketing teams
  • Top tier skills: deep bench directly accessible
  • We know how much each marketing specialty should cost
  • Get most out of your team with performance tracking
  • Brand proof and compliant workforce management
  • On demand creative collaboration with community tools

Tiger your way through the marketing jungle with HelloMaaS!

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