Get to know the secret behind HelloMaaS’ retention rate

More than often, I get the question: what makes HelloMaaS special? The answer is simple: being hands-on, with both our freelancers and our clients.

Being hands-on gives HelloMaaS more benefits than one. It makes us efficient and gives us a great client-retention rate. It also explains why HelloMaaS freelancers keep coming back. We enter a long-term commitment to both.

Besides the fact that we are in constant contact. We check-in with our freelancers every two-weeks and check-in with our clients monthly.

In this blog post, I want to give you a little insight in our most recent freelancer check-ins. A glimpse into the freelancer POV at a startup-, a scaleup-, and a corporate client.

The freelancers’ POV

Clear briefings & creative freedom

Erhan started working at felyx when it was still a startup. A year later, felyx evolved into a scaleup and Erhan evolved with them.

During our catch-up, Erhan explained what he values most about working at felyx: their amazing communication, clear briefings, and creative freedom.

Felyx gives him a lot of freedom to explore his own creativity in copywriting. Not always keeping to the intended script. He knows his copy is a success, when it makes himself and his team laugh.

His time at felyx has been a smooth sailing journey. He has a good relationship with his manager and feels greatly appreciated. This makes him willing to go the extra mile.

Felyx knows and values the importance of their HelloMaaS freelancers. An extra win for all is that Erhan is, again, renewing his contract. Congrats, Erhan!

Knowledge & network

When Jelena began working at HelloMaaS corporate client Exact, she started out in the B2B team. After finishing a great freelance project, she extended her contract and joined the B2C team.

The B2C team was specifically looking for a ‘Jelena’. Luckily for them, she had just finished her time at Exact B2B and was open to a new freelance project. This turned out to be an amazing match. Jelena loves working with the team manager and participates in challenging and greatly fulfilling projects. Her successful CRM resulted in the most leads of Q3.  

Jelena brings a lot of her knowledge and network to Exact. She often uses this in Exact’s and her own interest. She also gets a lot of space to fill in her own hours. And often uses extra hours where necessary to get work done.  She receives a lot of appreciation from her colleagues for her effort.

The more we share…

As you can read, the check-ins provide HelloMaaS with great professional and personal stories. Keeping us up to date with the freelance project but also the freelance-client relationship. 

We always make sure to offer our HelloMaaS help wherever needed. This way, we ensure that the freelancers keep on delivering top quality and remain sharp during the whole project.

In addition, I provide the freelancer with the option for a sparring session. Here we discuss project content-related questions. I like to stay up to date with the most recent marketing changes & talking to the most interesting marketing professionals.

Keep the saying in mind: the more we share the more we have.


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