Online strategy and branding on lean budgets with Director of Marketing from Ace & Tate Sean Peron

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This week on HelloMasters podcast: host Louise Doorn talked to Sean Peron, the Director of Marketing at Ace & Tate. An open conversation about the eyewear’s omnichannel strategies and the launch of their new product: contact lenses.

Who is Ace? Who is Tate?

Ace & Tate is a Dutch scale-up disrupting the eyewear market. “We call ourselves the eyewear brand for gen y and gen z, bringing to life the experience with the aspirational aesthetic that we hope will inspire our customer.” says Sean Peron Director of Marketing . The difference between Ace & Tate and traditional eyewear brands are pricing and transparency. No stunts like ‘3 pair of glasses for the price of 1’.

It certainly is a brand for the youth with an omnichannel presence. From the comfort of your home you can get an eye test and try your favourite glasses. All online. Yet, with 70 stores it is starting to become a well-known player in the retail sector. Ace & Tate started out 7 years ago and is active in 10 countries with over 700 employees. 

Who is Sean Peron, the Director of Marketing from Ace & Tate?

Sean was born in the US but is a global citizen who has worked and lived in 5 countries. Prior to Ace & Tate, he worked as a marketer in fashion/lifestyle for iconic brands such as G-Star RAW and Adidas 

“Eyewear has followed me all my life” Sean mentions. He worked for a different eyewear company, and now heads up marketing at disruptor Ace & Tate.  he is responsible for branding, campaigns, social media, and the online, multi channel customer journey. The ‘creaketing’ team as he calls it. Creatives and marketing, get it?

In addition to leading the marketing team , he works closely  with the founders to bring ideas to life. For instance, the circularity campaign called re-frames; customers can buy refurbished glasses through a partnership with popular gen Z app Depop. 

Tune in to hear more!

In this marketing podcast

In this HelloMasters podcast you learn more about:

  • the secret behind the Ace & Tate success, branding pillars and marketing mix 
  • how Ace & Tate  moved from only online to omnichannel
  • how he markets on a lean budget. Spoiler: their free tote-bags might be their biggest asset
  • how Sean winds down, including a great book tip!

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