Tiger your way through the Marketing Jungle

Marketing is changing at the speed of light. With over 50+ channels and 5000+ marketing tools, many business owners feel overwhelmed with ever-changing algorithms, fast-developing channels, weekly trends, and shiny objects. From pirate funnels to PR events, influencer marketing is now a $1.7 billion industry, marketers’ adoption of AI has grown at a rate of 44% since 2017.  People have an attention span of 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish.  So your content needs to be highly engaging. 

As if those are not challenges enough: how do you find marketing know-how and execution power that delivers and is not breaking your bank account?  Marketing is a jungle, it is time to tiger our way through it! 

Start with Smart Marketing: up to 70% faster

We talked to many SMB entrepreneurs and learned they could benefit a lot more from all the marketing channels and tools.  They just don’t have the time and knowledge to dive deep and often also not the budget to work with an agency or pay for freelancers on an hourly rate. They don’t like to spend time and budget on planning and meetings. They need action, results and budget control. 

Use the HelloMaaS machete and hack your way through the marketing jungle 

At HelloMaaS, Marketing as a Service, we offer a new way to organize your marketing. Frankly, we hope to deliver a new way of working in marketing. We are marketers and took the insights from interviews with SMB entrepreneurs, did extensive market research including keyword analysis. Based on this we have now launched turn-key and fixed price packages on 50 most search marketing topics. 

No more lengthy project plans. Each package includes a step by step approach, templates, and handpicked specialists. From E-Mail Marketing, CRO, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Social Media Plan, CRM Audit, A/B testing to Facebook Ads, see the full list here

With HelloMaaS marketing packages you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Create your flexible team of local specialists and work together when you need them. See it as the AirBnB for marketing, choose what you need in your marketing journey. Get local know-how. Work of real reputation through reviews, rating and our Project Happiness Index. We are on our way to building a one to shop for SMB’s so they can win with marketing. The next-gen in the gig economy. 

This is how we hack the onboarding process so companies can be started in a matter of days rather than weeks:  

Work on your Team Happiness

For projects longer than 2 months we recommend our Project Happiness Index. This shows the project satisfaction of all team members; you as a client, your own team members, and your freelancers can all participate. Every two weeks everyone submits their happiness on speed, output, and collaboration with a score from 1-10. Then we shared the collective team score so you understand your happiness vs. that of the entire team. Feedback becomes more approachable and you will detect challenges directly so you can discuss and make sure the project stays on track. More happiness can be found here.

What clients say about us

“I am a true entrepreneur and in this digital age, I need a smart marketing partner. HelloMaas fits perfectly. A must for entrepreneurs!“ – Marcel from Samlex

Start today by choosing the right packages for your marketing journey via our website. Say Hello to Marketing as a Service. We are marketers ourselves and love to brainstorm your challenges away. Request a free consultation via https://hellomaas.com/contact-us/  or call us at +31 630647057 



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