Three things we learned from validating our new tool: the HelloMaaS Playbook

This week, we kick started validation sessions for our new tool: the HelloMaaS Playbook (Check out this short video for a sneak peek). In these sessions we ask testers for their opinion on the new tool.

The team reached out to 126 early adapters. Linkedin friends and followers, clients, freelancers and even prospects. All gave us tough love on the new tool. We got exciting responses. Everyone loves to give their opinion.

We started off strong. In our first week, the team had 18 client validation sessions planned. Here are three things we learned this week.

1. We gained a deep understanding of our ideal user

There are three things we asked all our testers. What do you think of the tool? What is the added value? Who would be the ideal user? Well, turns out the needs of our ideal user are aligned with our mission: making marketing smarter and easier. 

So we found our ideal user. The playbook is best suited for companies who are just starting out with marketing activities or realize they need to put more energy in their marketing efforts. Like SaaS or tech startups. A mid-market business told us they found the tool valuable for a different reason.

“The tool is very simple. You get a clear overview of what your marketing capabilities are and where you want to go. I like that. Straight to the point. Perfect for people who manage a marketing team and need extra people.” Stefanie Taylor, Digital & Field Marketing Manager EMEA at Sopheon

They’re ready to take the next step in their marketing plans but don’t know where to focus. The tool is a helping hand in guiding them to a marketing plan and tactics. Sounds like a dream right?

2. The buying experience of customers isn’t linear

You’re probably thinking ‘no sh*t sherlock’. But sometimes the obvious isn’t obvious. After a few sessions that became clear to us. The way we imagined the buying experience was different from our testers thought. The customer journey isn’t a linear experience. Where users go from one step to the next, and then cha-ching: they purchase. It’s more like shopping for shoes online. We all know how we do that:

First, find a good website with the things you need. You look around for nice shoes. You check out the items. Maybe favourite some that you like. Go back to check reviews. Consider ways to combine it with other purchases. Maybe talk to someone about it. Or reach out to customer service and give more info. You think about it for a few days. Then go back to the website. Look at the favourites again and purchase the one you like.

3. I hate to break it to you. But your fancy copy words aren’t always the right pick.

We love some good copywriting. Sprinkle some fancy words here and there; jokes and other thought-through puns. 

But in reality, it isn’t always the best UX. We used ‘fancy’ copy to describe actions and buttons. But the testers didn’t understand it. This would’ve been a missed conversion. Now that’s valuable feedback. Small adjustment, great impact. 

Some words raised wrong expectations, or made actions rather vague. Based on the testers input, we suggested different words. Those that aligned more with their expectations. In fact, the copy that was more ‘simple’, ‘descriptive’ or just to the point, the users found more fitting. 

Not all the copywriting needs to be fancy and innovative. Straight to the point works like magic.

Want to become a playbook tester?

Do you want to see how you can turn your marketing goals into real action? Apply here. Our business developer Jan will take you through the tool.