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Work with one or more of the 350+ hand picked, HelloMaaS marketing freelancers. We’re marketers so we know how to select specialists with proven experience. Our platform offers smart matching and quality assurance with our Project Happiness Index.


Find the right specialist that fits your business needs

Most businesses want to continuously grow by using new channels and tactics. Is it time for your business to gain new marketing knowledge? Is there a desire to get a project done faster and more efficiently? You’re not the only one! We want to make sure your projects becomes a success. With HelloMaaS PHI tool you get closer to team happiness and more productive marketing.

Why work with HelloMaaS specialists?



  • Help your business to reach the next marketing level
  • Motivate your team with outside knowledge and fresh ideas



  • Try one of 50+ channels or 5000+ marketing tools with outside specialists.
  • Hire Marketing specialist with the right experiences to test new concepts before you invest.



  • Direct access to top specialists for a short project or ongoing expertise when you need it.
  • Boost team performance with our Project Happiness Index tool

HelloMaaS Freelance Marketing Specialists have worked for:

What marketing specialists like about HelloMaaS

Thanks to the new platform, I was able to sell one of the packages I previously only promoted on my site. HelloMaas gives me the opportunity to open new ways of finding clients. It is a start-up and it is interesting to be involved as a Marketing Professional and move my services to an online platform – with many growth possibilities and learnings for both sides.

Nanda – Brand, Communication & CX Specialist

HelloMaaS is for us a marketing partner for very specific projects and provides a flexible layer of top-tier marketing specialists…we get know-how and execution power when we need it. It’s agile marketing in reality and a great addition to our team and customers”

Tsjip Boersma, Marketing Director
Automotive and Specialty Coatings AkzoNobel

I have been an early HelloMaaS marketing specialist, from 2018. It has truly transformed the way I work on marketing projects. Their professionalism and innovative approach has allowed me to focus on what is truly important – projects at clients. HelloMaaS has become a valued partner who I can grow my marketing skills set together with.

Irena, Growth Marketing and Creative Communications

Our innovation lab is a very agile and dynamic environment. Through HelloMaaS, I was able to find freelance marketers that not only fit the job description, but also our company culture.

Nina Maldonaldo, Agile Transformation and Digital Innovation Manager
Akzo Nobel | D-Edge LAB

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with HelloMaaS

It’s our purpose to make productive marketing accessible to all companies. Many great marketers want to have more say in when, how and for whom to work. Many companies like to work with great people but struggle to be productive with so many tools and channels that change all the time. Also they like to shorten the search for great people and have more flexibility in where and how to hire. We’re listening to this trend and created a platform for more productive marketing benefiting both specialists and companies.

Why work with Freelance Marketing Specialists?

Marketing is changing at the speed of light. So many channels and tools that are changing continously. Building a team that has the latest know-how and execution power takes time and could be expensive. With HelloMaaS you bring outside know-how and executing power directly to you. No more reinventing the wheel and risky first steps, work with specialists and be more productive quicker. You can find motivated professionals with industry expensive and brand affinity and work with them when you need to.

HelloMaaS will reach out to specialists on our platform with great profiles, experience and skill sets that match our client needs. 

How do you manage the process for project quality?

We manage quality in a number of ways:

1. We review your project brief and help refine the ask based on your need
2. Our tagmatching shows a number of potential good candidates
3. Our customer success team will handpick the right specialist based on industry experience and brand affinity.
2. We propose the best match in a call and explain the way of working between the client, HelloMaaS and the marketing specialist.
3. We create the contract and set up payment via our platform
4. We set up the bi-weekly Project Happiness Index tracker for the client and marketing specialist to get good insight on project progress.

What do you charge?

HelloMaaS sells two services both with a flat platform fee.

Standard Marketing Packages:  each package is priced separately. We start with audit packages as from € 500,- . The average rate of a package is around € 3000,-  broken up in a number of steps that are paid for as you go along. clients pay a fixed price of which 80% for the specialist who delivers the service, 20% is for HelloMaaS platform, services and quality assurance.

Customized projects:  these projects are co-created by HelloMaaS and our clients. This is a more flexible way of working where client can scale up and down via the platform. Prices of these projects are determined by team on demand on the scope, and Marketing Specialists hourly or day rate. Clients get billed every two weeks of which 15% is for the HelloMaaS platform and service and 85% for the specialist who delivers the service. If a client spends more than €10.000,-  in billings the 15% HelloMaaS fee will be reduced to 10% (or in other words a 5% discount for loyal clients).    

If you would like to have maximum flexibility on how to work with a marketing specialist we recommend to work at a hourly or day rate. As part of our service we will include a benchmark making sure you pay a realistic market rate. 

If you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.