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Head of Marketing for SaaS Startup fighting climate change

Posted 2022-09-09

€ 85 - € 100/hr

16 hours per week

Hello Freelancer, are you the next breakthrough CMO? Then this is what you are looking for! This award winning SaaS Startup fighting climate change is founded by 2 successful industry-leading entrepreneurs. You will be part of the core team, work 'hands-on' and in close collaboration with the CEO/CCO. They believes that their collective human intelligence combined with collective technological intelligence puts them in a better position to address climate issues and improve societal and environmental wellbeing. By offering SaaS to companies and their employees they will reduce carbon footprint, reduce cost, and create positive impact on environment and society. In a fun, easy and challenging experience everyone can save 1 ton of CO2. The equivalent to what 500 trees absorb in a month. Imagine what 30 million citizens/staff/customers in BeNeLux can do together, every year!

(FIXED) Senior Digital Marketer for Loop

Posted 2022-07-20

€ 0 - € 0/hr

32 hours per week

HelloMaaS FIXED Hello marketing expert!👋 Are you a talented campaign leader with experience in a broad spectrum of campaigns and projects? Are you looking for a challenge at a fast-paced scale-up? This D2C scale-up in hearables is looking for a Senior Marketer who will create, manage and grow campaigns and projects. Hearables are changing lives. Why do we protect our phones from damages, but forget about our ears? Yep, I can hear what you're thinking...👂 Start: as soon as possible Hours: 32 hrs p/week minimum Timeframe: 6 months (deliver great work and it'll be extended)

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