Hack your marketing team performance

Marketing teams today are flexible with a combination of in-house, freelance and agency marketers.

You work often under pressure with tight deadlines. How do you find a way for productive team feedback? You don’t want to sit in long meetings talking, you’d rather be doing!

Hack your team performance with the HelloMaaS Project Happiness Index™

Why work with HelloMaaS Project Happiness Index™

Understand team perception

Make feedback less time consuming

Prevent team escalations

Connect people better

Learn what projects fit best

Accelerate team growth

Why is our Project Happiness Index™ free?

It’s our vision to make marketing more productive for all. Therefore, we offer the HelloMaaS Project Happiness IndexTM for free to all freelancers, brand- and agency marketers. Our PHI is an innovative tool to improve team performance and collaboration.

All HelloMaaS projects and standard marketing packages come with the PHI tool. It’s one of our quality assurance features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Project Happiness Index (PHI)?

The Project Happiness Index (PHI) is a simple, effective tool to measure project “temperature” along 3 attributes: collaboration, quality and speed. We collect blind inputs every two weeks and disclose confidentially the team results. By doing so you can see how your “temperature” aligns with the overall team. If there is a large difference you have a data driven way to discuss expectations and collaboration allowing you to course correct pro-actively.

Who can use the PHI tool?

Everybody interested in building a high performing marketing team. All you need is a HelloMaaS account and one or more team members to invite. You don’t even need to have a contract with HelloMaaS or buy a package. We offer it for FREE for all companies and freelancers.

When can I get access to the PHI?

You need to create a client and or freelancer account. This can be done quick and easy on the Hellomaas.com website. Click on the ‘Sign up’ or ‘join HelloMaaS’ button.

Why work with HelloMaaS?

It’s our purpose to make productive marketing accessible to all companies. Many great marketers want to have more say in when, how and for whom to work. Many companies like to work with great people but struggle to be productive with so many tools and channels that change all the time. Also they like to shorten the search for great people and have more flexibility in where and how to hire. We’re listening to this trend and created a platform for more productive marketing benefiting both specialists and companies.

How it Works