BrandPit BV

BrandPit specializes in recruitment of digital specialists (online marketing and e-commerce ) for both permanent and interim positions. BrandPit works for well known brands and is located in Amsterdam.

Why we're a partner of HelloMaas?

“Many clients don’t need a full-time Instagram marketer or paid media specialist. A platform that offers a flexible layer of top-tier marketing specialists is what companies need, and HelloMaaS delivers exactly that.”

Marketing Facts

Marketingfacts is one of the most popular marketing blogs in the Netherlands, with about 300 bloggers and 185.000 unique visitors a month.

Why we're a partner of HelloMaas?

“Marketing is changing at the speed of light. So many channels, campaigns, and opinions. As a publishing platform, we aim to create clarity for our readers. With HelloMaaS as a partner, we can help our readers to build a smarter marketing team. Flexibility and direct access to real knowledge are very important and HelloMaaS delivers exactly that.”