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Learn how to connect your company purpose into project management
Ever heard of OMTM? Read up on how to unify your team around one metric that matters
We all bring our personality to work. How do we understand each other better?
Over 7,000 marketing tools, many can help to structure your team better. Which ones and how?
WFH is growing fast. Or even remotely from places like Bali. How do you set up the right location and way of working?

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About de auteurs

Jeremy Brook

Jeremy Brook

Project Management

Current head of Marketing for Deliveroo Australia and a former team lead at Google and Heineken.
Louise Doorn

Louise Doorn


Founder and CEO of HelloMaaS. Leadership roles in global marketing programs for Samsung, Philips and JPMorganChase.
Jeroen de Bakker

Jeroen de Bakker


Director of Product and Growth at Talpa Network Radio and an expert in digital transformation.
Charlene Li

Charlene Li


Leadership development guru and author of New York Times Bestseller “Open Leadership”.

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How do you create a consistent brand that inspires, connects with customers and helps achieve company goals?

Move over, Mad Men!
HelloMaaS believes that there is room for a different operating model for marketers.
This e-book shows that ways of working in marketing have changed considerably.
We combine stories from inside the most iconic companies today: Google, Heineken and Talpa Network and more!

Managing marketing teams is more complex than ever.
Creating a consistent marketing plan and well-performing marketing teams feels like trying to solve a puzzle with round, square and triangular pieces.
It’s no longer efficient to box everyone in the same work environment!

Here at HelloMaaS, we work with some of the most creative marketers in the
Similar to the 4 P’s of marketing, we’ve come up with our own 5 P’s of marketing management based on the challenges and best practices we’ve seen.
Instead of Product, Price, Promotion and Place, consider:

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