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Charlotte | 9.1

1020 Fixed fee

IDEAL FOR: Fashion, Media, Travel

Increase brand awareness
Social media channel strategy
Three to five posts a week
Boost leads and sales

to Improve Online Results

Arnout | 9.2

2160 Fixed fee

IDEAL FOR: advertising, FMCG, entertainment

Technical analysis
Heuristic analysis
Website analytics check
Qualitative research

to Outrank Your Competition

Robin | 9.0

1194 Fixed fee

IDEAL FOR: finance, retail, internet

Full report on search engine rankings
Competitor rankings
Deeper analysis on your most important pages
Outputs you actually need to improve

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Help startups and SMB's with fixed scope, fixed price packages. You deliver when and how you like it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HelloMaaS is open to freelancers with marketing skills. Particularly skills in digital marketing, event management, brand strategy, performance and growth are in demand. At this moment, we only operate in the Netherlands and focus on adding freelancers living in the Netherlands or Dutch speaking freelancers working remotely.

We offer different ways to work and aim to improve your freelance experience through our platform:

  1. Our search engine recommends you to clients looking for specific skills and experiences. All you need to do is frequently log in and respond to client inquiries. No more need for active customer acquisition.
  2. Review the list of projects and respond with ideas. You can message clients directly and find projects in new areas to grow your skills.
  3. Offer a fixed price marketing package as a one-off (implement a tool or set up a channel) or ongoing (content production, community management, dashboard creation etc) project.