How Dutch Marketing freelancers work remotely from Amsterdam to New York

The new way of working: 100% remote teams

Our world looked a lot different only one week ago. The upcoming weeks are unknown. Yet one thing is clear, we are suddenly working in 100% remote teams. 

Today’s world is uncertain at many levels and it is challenging. A silver lining is that very quickly a sense of community emerges. 

Despite all the rapid change, we need to make complex decisions on a daily basis to keep our loved ones, co-workers and communities safe, while also moving our businesses forward.

One thing is becoming clear, the marketing function will be impacted. Almost everyone in our industry can luckily work from home. But it’s more profound than that, the connection and communication between companies and consumers are changing too. It’s already less about selling, more about community. 

We’d like to share how easy it is to start working remotely with marketing freelancers and see the real benefits. For instance, in February we launched with a new client in New York at Hearst Media who is now working with a Dutch freelancer Susanne, who lives in Amsterdam and Hanover. 

Suzanne in the HelloMaaS office in Amsterdam

I hear you thinking:

Why would you get a freelancer from the Netherlands to work for a New York-based company? Are there enough marketers in New York City? “.   

 Yes, but it’s also an expensive city. One of the big advantages is bringing a fresh pair of eyes from overseas. In this case, Susanne has strong roots in the US and Europe and deep affinity with learning and development, so a sweet spot and surely a different perspective. 

So how does it work at HelloMaaS? It’s as easy as 1,2,3. We work closely with our community of top freelancers. Once the right marketer(s) are matched, the contract and payment are set up on our platform, we kick-off. For every new marketing package or project, small or large, we spent a solid hour with a video conference. 

Our customer success team shares a remote-first checklist first including topics such as culture, collaboration, tools, expectations and happiness. Then we spent time really getting to know each other with a few questions. It’s quite interesting to see that despite physical separation, these kick-off sessions bring space to open up about each other’s personalities, needs and expectations. More so that when you are in the same room together. Perhaps the comfort of your home helps with that? 

Susanne“I really enjoyed that the kick-off was primarily focused on culture and way of working instead of diving straight into the content of the project. Colleen and I also spoke about our personality types (Myers Briggs, Insights Discovery) in order to get to know each other on a different level than just task-based. To me, making an effort to understand who that person is that you are working with, is the most important factor in the entire work relationship. This meeting actually helped achieve that in our case.”


 Colleen in New York City via Google Hangout

We created a set off  template for a remote marketing team, with input from many freelancers and honed by project experiences. Please email to get hold of this set so hopefully that helps you in this sudden new reality. 

Susanne:  “What’s awesome about this remote collaboration, is that we were able to match our areas of expertise without looking at boundaries. We found out that there are many fields in which we complement each other, but with a more traditional approach, we wouldn’t have been able to connect. Working remotely in different time zones works pretty well: we have frequent email contact and a recurring video meeting. Our different time zones give us enough time to look into each other’s questions and respond before the next working day starts on the other side of the world”.


Stay healthy and take care,

Louise Doorn 

Founder/CEO HelloMaaS 



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