Hey Siri! Hello Alexa! Is Voice Marketing the revolution in marketing and interface design? Tune into Maarten & Jeroen a.k.a “The Voices of Voice Marketing” at Talpa Network and Nodes.

Guest: Jeroen de Bakker & Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald

Host: Louise Doorn, Founder/CEO of HelloMaaS

Auteur: Louise Doorn (HelloMaaS)

Is voice-based marketing a hype? Do you need to adjust your marketing plans for 2020? Or is it too early for ROI?

In our 18th HelloMasters podcast I talk to two pioneers in Voice Marketing. Jeroen de Bakker, Director Product & Growth, Talpa Network Radio and Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald, Head of Voice Marketing at Nodes. Jeroen is also a HelloMaaS advisory board member.

With over 50% of all online searches via voice, especially in the car, mobile phone and also more and more via devices such as Amazon Echo, a major change in digital search behavior has started.

What does voice marketing entail? What is the impact on marketing and brand building, particularly for products? How can brands make good use of this trend?

Listen to the two pioneers in Voice Marketing in the Netherlands and learn the do’s and don’ts of voice marketing!

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