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So many new channels and tools for marketers. Yet the biggest change is about people and how we work together.

How do you tap key transformations?

  • On-off > Always On Channels
  • Push > Pull Marketing
  • Quarterly plans > Ongoing experimentation
  • Top down > Collaborative Culture
Louise Doorn


Our core team helped transformations in Europe, US and Asia


Marketing transformation on Wall Street

How do you deepen relationships with 55 million retail banking clients via social media?

By building an in-house team of social media and digital marketing specialists and get the C-suite aligned on a new customer engagement approach.

Easy? No!
Possible? Yes!

Charlene Li, advisor to Fortune 100 board room on digital transformation, NYT bestseller author and the first HelloMaaS advisor, was hired by Louise Doorn, Executive Director, Digital Marketing at JPMorganChase.

Together they drove internal change for marketing transformation with the C-suite of the world largest bank.


Marketing platforms – teamed up globally

Louise Doorn

Louise Doorn worked for the global CMO at Samsung in Seoul, Korea. She and her team led workshops in 10 key countries, created a playbook, implemented Sprinklr SMMS globally, organized 150 hires in 50 countries and created consolidated media buying across social media platforms.

Louise Doorn

For many global brands, social media breaks down borders. How do you manage a global brand presence in social media across 50 countries?

By creating a social media center for better and transparent collaboration in 50 countries.

Complex? Yes!
Feasible? Of course!


Digital transformation at the speed of e-commerce

Is it possible to build a blooming e-commerce platform for flowers and plants in 8 countries without in-house know-how?

By creating a temporary team of 15 interim marketing and digital specialist, Bakker.com successfully built an emotional connection and scalable business that feels like walking your garden.

Pressure cooker? Somewhat
Adventure? Yes!

Danne de Vries, managing director at Brandpit, built a temporary team of 15 Dutch digital and marketing interim specialists; from brand strategist to marketplace specialist, content creator and performance marketer.

In 6 months, Bakker.com’s e-commerce business was rolled out in 8 European countries and handed over to the internal team for operational excellence.

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