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Build your smart and flexible
marketing team

  • Most larger brands have in-house marketing teams, 20-30% freelancers, an agency of record and a long tail of specialist agencies.
  • We worked in these teams and talked to many peers. Most struggle with lack of transparency, misalignment, and huge fee differences.
  • Try our turn-key platform to create, manage and optimize your marketing team in a smart and flexible way.

Chief Product Officer

The New Marketing Operating Model

  • Maximum flexibility to (re)build marketing teams
  • Top tier skills: deep bench directly accessible
  • We know how much each marketing specialty should cost
  • Get most out of your team with performance tracking
  • Brand proof and compliant workforce management
  • On demand creative collaboration with community tools

We built the marketing team tool with our clients

This is what we’ve learned:

Inhousing marketing teams

“The benefit of an in-house marketing team is to have brand knowledge and customer data in one place. Also I feel more cost control than working with agencies.”

“But with so many channels and tools that change all the time, it’s hard to stay nimble and execute effectively.“

“We lack deep know-how in digital marketing.“

“Most marketing that requires technical or data know-how, always-on like social media, or conversion optimization is quite a challenge.”

Customer validation in interviews with 17 marketing directors and CMOs at Corporates.

Hiring freelancer marketers

“Freelancers are great for extra brain and execution power.”

“I love a fresh pair of eyes, deep know-how or new ways of working.”

“We hire them 1 by 1 via recruiters or through our own networks. Recruiters work manually with a limited network. It takes time and fees are high. I also like help on how and what to do.”

“Paying per hour is a reverse motivation. More hours to deliver equals more earnings for the freelancer. I’d like to see more clarity and quality ranking on freelancers.”

Customer validation amongst 50 startups and SMBs in the Netherlands

Step 1: Create

Bring all freelancers and agency marketers into one dashboard.

  • Manage your IP, NDA, and brand.

Benefit from a smooth and compliant onboarding across teams, departments and countries.

Step 2: Manage

All external marketers are visible in one dashboard.

  • Manage actual budget vs. planned.
  • Get predictions so you can course correct. 

You’re not alone. We aggregate benchmark data on marketing skills, fees, size and performance so you are no longer guessing in the dark.

Step 3: Engage

Tap into marketing brain power in your flexible layer:

  • Get instant feedback
  • Ask an open question
  • Crowdsource ideas

Select new marketers based on their ideas and engagement.


Cost-effective and flexible to (re)build marketing teams

Brand proof and compliant workforce management

Instant creative collaboration with community tools

Dutch media took notice of us. One called us The Moneyball for Marketing

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