From Heineken, via Google, now back in his native Australia. How Jeremy Brook, CMO at Deliveroo Australia builds a brand and hit conversion metrics at a fast growing unicorn.

Guest: Jeremy Brook

Host: Louise Doorn, Founder/CEO of HelloMaaS

Author: Louise Doorn (HelloMaaS)

Deliveroo is not a “delivery” business. It is a marketplace, like ‘Funda for food’. 

They don’t produce any food, they don’t have to buy or rent any restaurant properties, they don’t have to manage staff or stock, and they don’t even have to do the delivery. They do, however, own the customer relationship, the data, and handle billing.

After just launching in the UK 6 years ago, Deliveroo now sells food from 80,000 restaurants to over 6 million customers. This unicorn start-up is delivering exponential growth in the last four years.

Tune into our 19th HelloMasters podcast where we talk to Jeremy Brook, CMO Deliveroo Australia, who shares insights on building a brand in a triple sided marketplace in one of the fastest-growing online businesses. 

Jeremy’s tagline is Business Innovation x Technology x Marketing = Creative Magic. He has worked along with his motto for nearly twenty years, starting on the agency side in Australia and London. He moved to Amsterdam into a global marketing competence role at Heineken and led Creative Business for Northern Europe at Google Amsterdam. Now back in this home country we caught him on Sunday morning for 45 minutes insights on marketing, innovation, team culture, and growth. 

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