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Step 1

Lean Marketing Strategy

  • A strong value proposition with a clear difference
  • Clear market focus and audience segmentation
  • Attractive corporate identity (logo, colours, fonts)

Your flex team

  • Strategist
  • Designer

Normal price



3-5 weeks

Startup special €6.500

Step 2

Content Marketing Foundation

  • Two landing pages with copy and visuals
  • Content marketing plan (channel mix with copy examples)
  • Distribution plan to get content in front of your audiences

Your flex team

  • Content marketer
  • Designer

Normal price



3-5 weeks

Startup special €5.500

Step 3

Lead Generation Action Plan

  • Paid media campaign set-up for social media, Google, or banner ads
  • Re-targeting funnel set up including copy and banner concepts

Your flex team

  • Growth Marketer
  • Designer

Normal price



3-5 weeks

Startup special €5.500

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