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How do you organize your marketing team:
in-house or agencies?

Hiring in-house employees is a big commitment. Agencies are as good as their talent who change jobs at record speed.

HelloMaaS offers a new model. A platform with smart tools and a community of top 10% marketing freelancers with local experience.

Now you can create a smart, flexible and future-proof marketing organization.

Are you ready to accelerate your
marketing operations and lower your costs?

Meet HelloMaaS Flex Team

The new way to future proof your marketing team

  • A flexible group of top 10% marketing freelancers specially matched for you
  • Add 2-10 people in your flex team. Choose from 75+ marketing skills.
  • Book audits, ask input, implement new tools and channels faster, get extra work done
  • For part-time, full-time or a specific projects

How can I get a Flex Team?


Select the skills you need

Go to our flex team tool. Choose from 75+ skills you want in your flex team. Think of Linkedin Social Selling, Podcasts, Google Data Studio, Social Media Ads and more.


Meet and select your Flex Team

Our high tech – high touch approach will get you the best experts in your Flex Team under a week.


Start working with your Flex Team

We’ll onboard you and your Flex Team, explain our platform and share tips on how to work best together.

Need to outsource specific marketing tasks?

Work with HelloMaaS packages

Marketing is always-on. Managing many channels takes time and specialist know-how.

Get into action with packages. Marketing with clear output at a fixed price.

Choose from email automation, A/B testing, newsletter, social media operations and more. Start in one week.


Talk to former CMO Louise Doorn

Get help from founder and CEO of HelloMaaS.