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CRM|Strategy|Customer Journey|Agile


Product owner at, Aegon and KLM. Strong driver of agile and marketing transformation in small and large companies. Customer journey expert.

#software #startups #retail #e-commerce #agile


Innovation|Brand Identity|Digital


20+ years driving customer first marketing including ING, HP, Schiphol and Canon. Learn how to connect customer research with marketing that drives growth.

#retail #travel #finance #conversion #customerinsights




Relentless global brand Innovator in FMCG including Heineken. Now enabling startup growth as MarTech accelerator leader in Amsterdam. Innovation expert.

#innovation #startups #martech #MVP #accelerator


Lead Generation|Platforms


Build and lead sales team at fast growing scale ups, including Catawiki and Truqu. Well-versed in marketing and sales automation plus personal coaching.

#leadgen #e-commerce #automation #sales

Don't make expensive mistakes. Get direct feedback from top marketing leaders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing is changing at the speed of light. There are more than 50 different channels and over 5000 marketing tools. The landscape is changing all the time too. What a challenge to decide what to do!

It doesn’t have to be that hard. We connect you with advisors that done it before. Based on their experience with a tool, channel or a country, they offer their know-how to your benefit.

No more reinventing the wheel or expensive mistakes. Book advisors directly for a few hours or a full day so you honest advice and a checklist on what to do.

First you need to create a client profile on HelloMaaS. We’ll review and if it looks complete you’ll receive an email to access our platform. The platform is only accessible for approved freelancers, advisors and clients to foster a positive and top-quality experience.

On the platform you can search for marketing advisors in your industry with specific skills, or specialist know-how on marketing channels and tools.

You can connect with them directly via our message tool. They will respond and you can agree on the scope, time and date for the advice consultation. You can do a video conference, phone call or in person meeting, even a walk in the park, it’s all up to you. When you’ve matched, you simply click hire, provide payment details and send the contract for sign-off to the advisor. Then you get to work!