Apply these 4 tips to tackle your marketing challenges as a gym, yoga studio or health webshop owner

Every single year, the year starts again with dry January, losing those extra kilos or finally tackling that mindfulness habit. You, as a small business owner, know how critical these weeks are. New customers are eager to work on these new resolutions.

However, there is a lot of competition out there. In the Netherlands, there are 1530 gyms, 6374 yoga companies and more than 20.000 companies in the sports industry.

Check out our 4 tips for you as a small business owner to stand out in your marketing. Learn how to connect with new customers with good New Year’s resolutions.


In a 2018 survey, 53% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands that they support. Live stream, engaging customers in video content and short snaps showing your sports boutique are great ways to capture the atmosphere you want to showcase in your gym or yoga studio.

Try this:

  1. Interviewing customers on Instagram stories on their experience
  2. Live streaming a yoga class or a new work-out equipment
  3. Short video snaps of the vibe in your gym or studio

Social Media

Are you already producing great content on Facebook and Instagram? But is it not getting the organic reach that you would like? At HelloMaaS we offer marketing solutions for you as a small business owner. We have a Social Media Plan package, with a step by step approach you get a personalized plan for your business. The package includes: defining SMART goals, competitive review, creative inspiration, and a social media calendar. Interested? Check out our packages here

Loyalty programs

Dutch consumers are not happy with their current loyalty programs. Keeping customers is still cheaper than going out and finding new ones. Great opportunity to surprise and delight your customers to boost your loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Try this:

  1. Point program: create challenges to keep your customers motivated (ex. 21-day ab challenge), when completed they receive a discount
  2. VIP program: higher price, but more value for the customer
  3. Tier program: the more they buy from you, the greater the rewards they’ll receive

Check out this great article on loyalty programs:

Email Marketing

Email is not dead! Email conversion rate is still very high and maybe the best form of marketing there is. For every euro that you put in email marketing, you earn 36€ back. Gain new email addresses through Facebook and Instagram ads. Or via your website and offer a discount in return.

Try this:

  1. Bi-weekly newsletter with classes, tips, and recipes
  2. Introduce new teachers or new products
  3. Showcase your loyalty programs and loyal customers

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