Through the microphone of HelloMasters Podcast

We started a HelloMaaS podcast in early 2019: HelloMasters. Almost every 2 weeks movers and shakers in marketing, innovation, and startups joined me in the VondelCS studio in Amsterdam. Six CMO’s, seven CEO’s and other marketing and business folks shared their insights, learnings, and challenges on how to survive and thrive in a world of relentless change.

Podcasts are a fast-growing marketing tool. 26% of people are monthly podcast listeners, ad revenue from podcasts in 2018 went up to 600 million, and Spotify bought Gimlet (a podcast company) for $200 million. Podcasts are not just another channel anymore, they are gaining mass-market growth.

Producing a podcast involves a lot of small steps, our podcast Trello card counts 16 steps! Once you get the hang of it, it’s about 8 hours of three people on our team. So why all this effort?

We believe it’s important to share the real stories on how marketing organizations, team, strategy, and innovation. Luckily, we have a great network of CMO’s and marketing innovators at HelloMaaS, via our members, our team, investors and advisors. Talking to marketing leaders from well known and highly regarded companies allows us an early stage start-up to do branding by association. In addition, the partnership with Marketingfacts allows us to extra distribution into their network.

Thanks, Karin (Thybaut) en Jeroen (Mirck) for your smooth and fun collaboration. It’s awesome to have made the Marketingfacts TOP 10 blogger list of 2019 for our HelloMaster write-ups.

HelloMasters 2019 in a nutshell:

  1. 4 co-hosts (thanks Jeroen, Jeremy, Ellen en Danne)
  2. 19 episodes
  3. 24 guests in total
  4. 4 guests on 1 episode
  5. 52 times the word marketing jungle
  6. 154 marketing tips
  7. 828 minutes of information
  8. Over 3.500 downloads
  9. Over 90.000 reads on

Our top 5 Podcast Episodes:

We’ll start in January 2020 with fresh HelloMasters recordings with the CMO of TUI and Head of Marketing at FrieslandCampina. Happy to get your questions for them mentioned, please leave them in the message box below.

For our next HelloMasters, we’d love to invite marketers in finance, politics, charities and automotive and hospitality? Thalia, our content marketer, is interested in the marketing behind political parties. Do you know great guests? Please email who is producing HelloMasters.

Below a few of our favorite guest quotes:

“Marketing was separated from sales, operations, etcetera. At VanMoof, it’s all the same thing. I think everything is marketing. Marketing touches every part of the company.” – Dave Shoemack CMO VanMoof

“If you were exclusively data led you’d just be making porn and dog videos.” – Steph Morrow, Head of Strategy Virtue

Myth: College dropout & Startup founders are best when they are young. “Hard data: the average age of a startup founder is 42 years old.” – Louise Doorn Founder HelloMaaS

“I’m 44 and I just don’t get impressed by bad stuff. If I were 21 and got hit in the face, I would cry and run. Now I would still cry but not run.” – Sander Nagtegaal CEO Unless

“For me, the biggest learning is to be patient. I was not patient at all. Without it you cannot manage transformation.” – Kevin Capota CMO L’Oréal Netherlands

“I run a marathon every day. Make sure to unwind. Step out from time to time to get inspired, listen to others and read a lot.” – Brenda Smith Director Marketing and Customer Engagement at AS Watson